Hear our calls


Listen to our rumbles: feel our whispers on the breeze

A powerful ancient life force surging through the trees

Our existence like passing shadows

In this harsh and timeless land

Threatened and forsaken

Death by human hand


The two legged monster grows greedy

Animals will disappear

Lost in swirling mists of extinction

Leaving a void of memories and tears


Consumers of  our ivory, please hear us

We are all creatures of the soil

Tread in balance and beauty

Honour all creatures: be loyal

Our destinies like webs intertwined

Africa would not be Africa

With only footprints left in the mind

With earths changing seasons

Allow life forms continual flow

Evolution’s slow magic

Upon our earth did bestow

Time is of the essence: consumers take heed

Whispers from the elephant world

In our darkest hours of need


Tusks belong to elephants

China, please enforce an ivory ban

Stop the carnage of sentient creatures

To feed the greed of man

4 thoughts on “Hear our calls

  1. This is so beautiful Jen! you certainly have a unique talent……keep up the fantastic work!! 🙂

  2. This is yet another incredibly beautiful poem hitting the home truths about how it is each and every one of our responsibility to love and nurture our wildlife before it is too late! Let us all unite as one voice…I hope this stretches far and wide to educate as many people as possible…well done – I loved it!,,,

  3. An amazing poem capturing the essence of the Elephants & Africa.

  4. Hi There
    We would love to publish some of your lovely writing on the victoriafalls24.com news site. This is a news site that posts mainly positive news about the region to try and reduce negative perceptions of our part of Africa.
    look forward to your thoughts.

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