Embracing Hope And Freedom

Embracing Hope And Freedom


Embracing hope and freedom…wrinkled giants ambling as one

Dreaming of a future… caressed by the warmth of the African sun

Powerful trunks like clock pendulums….counting down the days

Dark hours of poaching….setting the African bush ablaze

Weeping traumatised survivors…broken bonds and life threads

Wanton destruction….. and blood filled treads

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Northern White Rhino…of which only a few remain

The rest of this sub-species

Consumed by a ‘myth’… and a world….gone insane!

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Tawny lions prowling….diamond mesh their prison walls

Never to feel their freedom…

‘canned hunting’…their last call

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Man…a well groomed predator…cloaked as ‘Master of the land’

Empowered by corruption…greed and slight of hand

Wake up World Governments…this is a gut wrenching race

War against the scourge of corruption

To ensure… extinction of many species…does not take place

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Great Icons of the African bush

Guide us in your wisdom..teach us to be compassionate and kind

We will restore your faith in humans

Peace…we know…you will find

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‘Our mission is to deter the trade of illegal wildlife products by giving existing wildlife protection teams the skills and knowledge they need to protect wildlife and themselves, by educating the market on the destruction caused by the purchase of illegal wildlife products and by creating awareness and gathering support worldwide.’

4 thoughts on “Embracing Hope And Freedom

  1. This poem is absolutely beautiful….it is haunting to know how terrible humans are….and yet so comforting to know that there ARE people who care!!! – thankyou to you Jenny for your amazing attitude and sharing of your knowledge and passion for the african bush…without you I wouldn’t be who I am today and neither would my girls….keep fighting we are with you all the way! Xxx

  2. What would we do without people like you Jen that are fighting such a worthy cause in saving these beautiful animals from being killed through man’s greed. ! A poem so beautifully written xx

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