El Nino


The photos of animals suffering are heartbreaking.

Find information on your nearest drop-off site, grass-handling and other ways to help here!

Hope Grass Project


El Nino

 Blinding sunshine searing across the azure sky

Hollow cackle of the hyena….a chilling war cry

Scavengers on the prowl…a menacing gleam in their eye

Blistered leaves stolen…tossed way up high

Scorched wasteland and parched streams

Pall of thick dust and sun burnt dreams


As the fiery sun dips…..steamy and slow

Glistening stars hang breathless…..a warm coppery glow

Midnight’s mantle choking….gasping for breath

The  crypt quiet of ‘El Nino’…..a grim reaper of death

Elephant Graveyard

Dawn explodes like flames….scorching the morning sand

Silent shadows creep…. suffocating the damned

Lifeless animals….heads hanging low

Thick dry tongues lolling….heartbeats slow

Melancholy call of early morning whispers through the trees

Hope with the new dawn carries on the breeze

Disrobed trees stripped bare in the sizzling heat

A blistering horizon where sun and earth meet


Listen in on their melting world….hear their cries

As Africa’s undertakers circle air pockets….flying up high

Clear blue skies….a silent witness to ‘El Nino’s destruction


For the starving victims…..death is painful and slow

Skeletal animals….weeping over the parched and cracked earth

Praying for rain…..a cleansing rebirth


The Nightmare of El Nino


For those who can help offer any help, please take a look at the link below.

Agri SA