A Future For The Little Ones…..

This poem was inspired by a comment Larry Laverty made on one of the posts I shared. He

said ‘A future for the little ones. Peace for the big ones’ with a beautiful photo of

an elephant.

We need to start giving back to our natural world to ensure a bright

future for us all.

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A Future For The Little Ones….

A warm and sticky breeze frolics…ruffling the azure sky

The solace of untrampled lands and clouds drifting by

Ancient trees full of life….boasting of massive girth

Knobbly roots burrowing deep within the earth

Sunshine like liquid gold spilling from above

A symphony…a rustling and the mournful call of a dove

Sultry scents melting away …..into the cool of the night

Moonbeams teasing with a silvery light

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Pain behind her wrinkled visage….deep fissured trunk held up high

Her great elephant heart pounding…..she lets out a cry

An agonizing stab…..she starts to bear down

Trumpets of joy as her baby begins to crown

Deep rumbles roll with a thunderous applause

An impenetrable wall of tusk and muscle….as one the cows pause

Tender trunks welcoming….their eyes reflecting the warmth of early morning sun

A miracle of new life…..has just begun

Tottering and clumsy….she clambers to her feet

Her small heart pulsing to an African beat

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I dream of these great lands from memories past

A rich diversity of wildlife wandering on plains so vast

Time is of the essence for every breath that we take

The rising sun will bear witness on changes we make

Secure a future for our natural world….as solid as granite outcrops

weathered by wind and rain

Bestow peace on the wildlife…..my heart hammers with pain

Become a beacon….a beam of hope and light

A voice for the voiceless….and a future shining bright

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We strengthen those who protect wildlife and promote harmony between man and nature through a philosophy of RESPECT.

Take a look at our website….we are a huge part of the solution

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Image of mum and elephant by Four Oaks and bought on Shutterstock

African Prayer

A sun kissed horizon welcomes the new years dawn

Gilt edged clouds languish….seduced by the warmth of early morn

Sunshine like powdered gold filters through the trees

Tantalising scents drift….buffeted by the breeze

Early morning choruses …..throats swollen with bird song

Thrown to the wind….powerful and strong


Africa’s tawny pelt ripples….rustling under the wide open sky

Majestic mountains stretch….reaching up high

Midges rise and hang motionless…mellow in the sun

The birth of a new year has only just begun

river sunset

My wish for 2017


Swirling whirlwinds and balmy heat

Elephant herds parading…the continent throbbing beneath their feet

Their deep rumbles rolling with resounding applause

Chattering monkeys fall silent…comical as they pause

A crash of rhino….noble heads held high with pride

Tall and stately giraffe with their lolloping stride

Pronking springbok and grotesque baobab trees

Fast fresh flowing rivers undulating with ease

Grunting hippos and barking baboon

Trees swaying gently…dancing to a merry tune

Strutting warthogs…tails like aerials held high

Haunting call of a fish eagle cruising the sky

On wings of spun gold…butterflies soar on the breeze

Basking lizards peer skywards…fearful as they freeze

Slender cheetah….speed on their side

Bad tempered buffalo…lethal horns held out wide

With tail swishing and a deep throated roar

The king of beasts swaggers….menacing and tall


To all the wildlife rangers….their dedication and valour defined

Their journeys in adulthood gallant…selflessness in mind

Brave in their ongoing battle…protecting the wildlife from mankind

Deepest respect to each and every one of you….and harmony may you find


Compassion unfurling…..the white dove of peace spreading her wings

May 2017 see darkness fading….as harmony sings

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Rangers risk their lives to protect wildlife….we give them the skills and knowledge needed

to win.


Two tonnes of magnificence…..with her cruelly disfigured head

Yet…Hope was

Harmony in motion with each mighty tread

Her fight for life tireless…..her warrior spirit strong

Her wild rhino heart beating to a rhythmic African song

hope with bandagae

Out of the deep shadows and into the moonlight

Hope lies down gently….no longer able to fight

Her heart beat slowing….no longer a powerful thrum

Leaves flutter sadly….her journey on this earth done

On a gilt edged cloud she drifts….catching the sultry breeze

The silence of eternity her companion…..her soul floating away with ease

Leaning into the warm wind…..now a bright heavenly star

A beacon of hope for her kind…..shining down from afar

hope with bandagae

The gentle hush of evening carries our heartache and pain

Never let go of ‘hope’….the wind whispers her name

Fireflies will ghost….. like murmurs of the night

Fueling our courage to stand up for rhinos…and to fight the good fight

hope with bandagae

RIP Hope

‘May her great courage bring hope into our hearts….

Now and forever’

Desert Pilgrims

Chengeta Wildlife sharing the knowledge, skills and abilities to enable anti-poaching

units to maintain and perfect competencies after the trainers have departed.

Helping to ensure that Mali’s desert elephants survive.

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Fold upon fold of wisdom……undulating gently from side to side

As graceful as dancers…….majestic in their stride

Full of unwavering honesty they saunter….strong and proud

Throwing up flaxen dust……a glorious gossamer cloud

Frisky calves caper….secure in the herds love

 Surrounded by warmth and bright sunshine spilling from above

Deep rumbles roll with a thunderous applause

Echos of harmony….as one they pause

Embracing the breeze gently….large ears fanned out wide

Soft sensitive trunks like pendulums… swinging from side to side

Large noble heads…curve of spine strong

Large hearts beating to an African song

These gigantic pilgrims trek like desert ships in the night

Hot fresh piles of dung steaming in the moonlight

Rich creamy scythe like tusks more valuable than gold

The elephants cross to bear from times of old

The drum roll of Africa rippling through the desert sands

The wild aching solitude in this unforgiving land

Dusty shadows slipping under large padded feet

Organized crime and shimmering heat

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Survival of this desert herd…..Chengeta Wildlife’s ultimate goal

Saving Mali’s elephants…..as poaching takes its toll

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Set Nosey Free


Photo credit Richard Isley


Nosey’s large heart pumps with an African beat

Torn from Zimbabwe, her home….after culling deadlines to meet

Boxed and crated…..trembling with fear

Shipped to a foreign country….losing all she holds dear

Thirty solitary years has passed her by

Iridescent tears cloud a sorrowful look in her eye

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The sweet scent of the African bush wafts through her mind

Echoes of memories past…of elephants….her kind

Twilight’s full of crickets and warm mellow African breeze

Where thick canopies adorn the sun kissed trees

Being gently caressed by a mother’s strong love

A night full of stars beaming down from above

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Those gentle rumbles….Nosey yearns to hear

Not the brassy circus sounds…grating on her Africa shaped ears

Sadness and pain behind her wrinkled visage

Betrayed by humans and their quest to pillage

Nosey aches for kindness and a freedom to roam


Confined to a trailer…..her prison….her home


Forced to carry humans and to endure crippling pain

A lifetime of servitude for man’s monetary gain

Her world empty of elephants…..her mind soaring away

Her heart pounding with fear as back and forth she sways

Legs scarred by decades of wearing heavy chains

Captive and lonely in a world gone insane

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I dream of Nosey in a sanctuary with sunshine from above

Comforted by elephant rumbles….surrounded by love

PEOPLE…..please sign the petitions and let’s set Nosey free

In sheer numbers we hold the power…..we hold the key

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Retire Nosey the elephant from the circus industry

We DEMAND that Secretary Thomas Vilsack of the USDA CONFISCATE Nosey the Elephant AND RELEASE her to a True Sanctuary.


Please share this petition link with your family and friends….every signature counts and Nosey needs our

help to set her free

Sign for Nosey has a face book page. Take a look and join the event

New Jersey is Taking Steps to Ban Elephants in Traveling Acts – Nosey’s Law

(Nosey is a 46 year old African elephant that continues to be forced to travel the country to fairs and other events to perform and give rides to those that attend those events. She is forced to work even though she has crippling arthritis and degenerative joint disease and, according to reports, has been denied veterinary care. Despite Nosey’s suffering, her owners continue to make her work.)


Are You Listening?


Insects thrum to a wild African beat

Shimmering mirage and suffocating heat

Billowing clouds tumble across an angry sky

Forked lightening cleaves the heavy air….as thunder rolls on by

A moon full of beauty….spilling beams of aureate light

A gateway for  destruction….adding to the rhino’s plight

rhino silhouette scaled down

Are you listening? Do you hear the Rhino’s cry

Or are you a silent witness? I hold my breath….I sigh

rhino silhouette scaled down

A menacing heat swirling…..an evil shadowy haze

Whirlwinds of destruction….a testament to man’s evil ways

A myriad of rhino footprints left over 40 000 000 years

My heart beats wildly….pumping with fear

The cry of the rhino…..who out there cares?

Callously mutilated and left for dead

These magnificent animals with their horn cursed heads

rhino silhouette scaled down

Not on our watch…….I beg…I plead and I pray


Stand tall for rhinos today

rhino silhouette scaled down

Chengeta Wildlife is spearheaded by Rory Young who dedicates his

life to saving the wildlife by providing essential training and support

to the heroes on the front lines in the fight against poaching.

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Celebrating Elephants On World Elephant Day

In an explosion of gold the sun caresses the new dawn

A symphony of bird song seduces the mellow morn

Silken spiderwebs as delicate as gossamer lace

Kissed by the sunshine in this magical place

Elephants herd running

Elephants full of unwavering honesty amble into the light

Bronzed by the sunshine….a magnificent sight

Mystery behind their wrinkled visage….a powerful life thread

The steaming earth pulsates with each massive tread

Deep elephant grumbles rolling like thunder on the sultry morning breeze

Flaxen dust hangs motionless… freckling russet leaves

Their grey coats wrinkled with passing time and wear

Eyes full of wisdom, compassion and……despair

Their Africa shaped ears thrown out wide

Versatile trunk tenderly cherishing a dusty calf shadowing her side

Sweet smelling elephant dung….steamed warm in the afternoon heat

Iconic giants of Africa…..light as dancers on their large padded feet

Amber eyes reflecting the warmth of the late evening glow

Magnificence on these giants….our maker did bestow

Mystical ivory steeped in greed and fears

A fusion of genes passed down over thousands of years

Large wrinkled rumps roll from side to side

An impenetrable wall of tusk and muscle…..they are Africa’s pride


Whispers from the elephant world in their darkest hours of need

Time is of the essence….consumers of ivory take heed

A world without wild elephants…..my mind veers away

Let us celebrate these majestic animals

on World Elephant Day

indian elephants image

Celebrating the spectacular Indian and Asian elephants today

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Thank you Rory Young and Chengeta Wildlife for your continued

training and support to the heroes on the front lines in the fight against


‘Why Us’?….The Matriarch Asks

‘Why Us’? The Matriarch Asks

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‘Why Us’?  The Matriarch asks….a sorrowful look in her wise old


‘Is a tusk cursed head a good enough reason for elephants to die’?

My heart is pounding…..stretching tight

I hang my head in shame at the elephants plight

behind every carved piece of ivory, there is a story. A bloody barbaric story

Harmony in motion….these ancient and soulful beasts

Silhouetted against the golden dawn rising in the east

Tears trickle slowly reflecting their horror

Their nightmare of violence, pain and sorrow

Ripping flesh and pools of blood

Life force of Africa’s giants….lost in rivers of red mud

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The old Matriarch turns to amble away

Noble head hanging low….she weeps and sways

‘Why Us’? I hear her ask again

My shoulders feel heavy as I carry their pain

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Lumbering on….cloaked in deep wrinkles of splendour

A deep longing for peace in me she does engender

The old Matriarch turns…..I hear her raw sigh

‘Why Us’?…….she stares me straight in the eye

‘Are our creamy scythe like tusks a good enough reason to die’?

The golden sun hides behind the cloud wrapped sky

Riding the invisible wind…..a lonely sun beam cleaves the air

For these ancient beings…..my chest constricts with fear

Matriarch’s vulnerable soul exposed and open to the warm and sticky breeze

Her deep fissured trunk like a pendulum….showing her unease

These sentient creatures fanning their Africa shaped ears

Sharing their wisdom over many many years

A rich symphony of life….beguiled  by the noonday heat

A colliding of two giants where continent and elephant meet

Young calves caper under the wide electric sky

Flaxen dust hangs motionless as the tears escape from my eyes

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As the bleeding sunset casts out the remainder of the day

I beg of you….feel the elephants pain….do not walk away

Consumers of ivory….on you their survival depends

STOP buying ‘BLOOD IVORY’ and this mass slaughter will end

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The Wildlife and Rangers need our assistance:

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Rangers risk their lives to protect wildlife. We give them the skills and knowledge need to win


The Gift Of Life

spiderwebs pic and quote ...every earth provides

‘The Gift Of Life’

Rugged bush softened by an aureate glow

Secrets beguiled by golden ripples murmuring as they flow

Radiant star lit heavens veiled in a silvery light

Gossamer clouds like a whisper….eerie in their flight

Trees robed in leafy splendour…reaching for the moon

The Sun burnt land pulsates gently as flirting insects croon

Yipping jackals with yellow darting eyes

Cackling hyenas and the night jar’s mournful cry

Whining mosquitoes….ferocious in their blood lust

Flighty wildebeest kicking up the golden dust

footprints resized

The night air trembles as tawny lions vent with a deep throated roar

Stately giraffe loping…..elegant and tall

Strutting warthogs….tails quivering up high

Liquid brown eyes of the kudu…..so endearing and shy

Chittering vervet monkeys ……barking and aggressive baboons

Sultry breath of Africa embracing these warm tunes

footprints resized

Gilt-edged sunrise blown in on a warm seductive breeze

Bewitching in its beauty as it splashes through the trees

Pods of hippo hug the shallows….salutations fill the morning air

Bulrushes bowed down…swaying….as if in silent prayer

Cocky, snorting rhino…..majestic in their stance

Elephants…the soul of Africa….hold the power to enhance

Africa’s undertakers sailing way up high

A  trail of blood red…fragmented reflections across the azure sky

A symphony of life beating to a rhythmic African drum

Sweet smelling buffalo dung steaming in the morning sun

Angry charcoal clouds smolder…. igniting the dark sky

Unleashing stinging needle like rain with a thunderous cry

footprints resized

All nature’s miracles……she has shared these gifts with us for free

Powerful flowing rivers, magnificent wildlife and life giving trees

footprints resized

White horses caressing the powerful breakers…..salty in their embrace

The ocean’s endless movement veiled in turquoise lace

Rich marine life caught in nets and waves of plastic

The incoming waters churning..filthy and drastic

Human greed and corruption….a bloody trail…this poaching war

Rampant destruction of habitat and wildlife….we cannot ignore

These irreplaceable riches….we all have a stake

The destiny of our world…..us

Humans have the power to preserve or to break

On this sun burnt continent….for peace we must pray

Our duty as custodians…to ensure a brand new day

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Chengeta Wildlife provides essential training and support to the heroes

on the front lines in the fight against poaching

Salute Brave Rangers Salute

Mali’s elephants, one of just two remaining desert herds in the world, will be gone in three years unless something is done to halt the rampant poaching. The last aerial census in 2007 showed 350 animals.

Rory Young, through Chengeta Wildlife is providing  an essential training and support to these heroes on the front line in the fight against poaching.

Salute Brave Rangers Salute 

Dedicated to these brave heroes fighting the scourge of poaching….and my thoughts are with

the families who have lost their loved ones on the front line.


Castellated mosques….towers stretching way up high

Tuaregs and their camel caravans…a mirage across the sky

A fiery sunset melting….searing the golden thread

Desert elephants fearful….as in silence they tread

On an epic quest for food and water….footprints of survival

Deeply  grooved trunks raised in silence…praying for dawn’s arrival

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The merciless drone of mosquitoes ….thick on the sultry breeze

Powerful colliding of two rivers….undulating with ease

Moonlight vanishes in the deep velvet of night

A haunting whoosh of night wings….eerie in the quiet

The eastern sky rises on a drop with a golden glow

Pirogues ply the channels….gallant against the flow

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The hissing heat of midday’s sun

Scorched desert sands of time shimmer as if one

Brave elephant warriors…..With steady hands and covered heads held high

The brutality of poaching…..no time for goodbyes

Brave men…..their hearts of courage to never pound again

Torn fields of the poaching war….too great the human stain


Iridescent tears…..

A family broken in two

Coats of sadness….heavy on their shoulders….their worlds a darker hue

shutterstock_197286104 ellies to clip art

Unite world unite….a force shining bright

A powerful energy behind these brave men….

These warriors of light


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Chengeta Wildlife provides effective and relevant anti-poaching training to wildlife protection units all over Africa