Magical Place

Moonbeams hang motionless: night air sultry warm

Gilt edged horizons welcome the dawn

Fingers of sunshine and golden sky

Melancholy call of a fish eagle soaring up high

Elephants marching to a random beat

Waterbuck and impala: light on their feet

Vibrant rich scents and sun kissed trees

Nature’s wind chimes romancing the breeze

Matusadona’s shoreline carpeted with Panicum grass

Bream breaking the surface as smooth as glass

Matusadona: Intensive Protection zone

Relocated rhinos can now call it home

Dewy mist hangs like gossamer lace

Sparkling water: magical place

Buffalo herds poised ready for flight

Pride of tawny lions crouch low: yellow eyes gleaming bright

When the west is aglow with a burnished light

Mosquitoes hum and welcome the warm night

These wondrous scenes are ours to hold

Ours to encompass: to treasure: to enfold

Africa’s wildlife: footprints on the sand

Let us help protect our African land

Wildlife Warriors: at one with this sacred earth

New dawn: abundance: rebirth


As tourists visiting this destiny so wild and so grand

BAG UP your rubbish: it does not belong on the land

Matusadona’s shoreline: a sight to behold

Our wildlife: our treasure: more valuable than gold.


One thought on “Magical Place

  1. I think this is my favourite so far…it has a beautiful beat to it…would do anything for a holiday there!!!! Well done xxx

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