Aureate Life – Our Obligation

Early evening drenched in an aureate light

Daylight fading: taking flight

Last sky aflame with the setting sun

Darkness creeping and the day is done

Elephants cast in a silvery glow

Moonlit shadows dancing: seductive and slow

The hoarse cough of a leopard slices through the night

Eerie silence: a breeze takes fright

This sun kissed land with its God given treasures

A land that is raped and pillaged for man’s pleasures

Elephants a target in this harsh and timeless land

Blood red footprints marring the sand

Elephants herds: their leaders no more

Spiritual journeys to a distant shore

Fold upon fold of wisdom and splendour

Lost in translation: tragic surrender

Stars twinkle down, tears spill from their eyes

Man’s destruction: unquenchable desires

How can you desire? I hold my breath

Something that is so symbolic of suffering and death

For those magnificent elephants left on the land

Our obligation to you all: your destiny we hold in our hands

We are the cause of these darkest days in the elephant’s history

Let us unite: win: celebrate an elephant victory

2 thoughts on “Aureate Life – Our Obligation

  1. We are the cause of these darkest days, we are also the shining light in the distance that is coming to the rescue. We are going to win!

  2. It is our obligation to all do something however small to protect these beautiful creatures! Incredible words…well done xxx

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