Elephant Blessings

This poem is dedicated to Rory Young, Marjet and their family. He is a dedicated and passionate man and he needs our support. Chengeta Wildlife offers comprehensive training to anti-poaching units throughout Africa. Look at our link and help if you can. Please share as sharing is imperative to reaching our target.

Please look at the following link

Blessings final


A galaxy of fireflies like small fairies of the the night

A rolling clap of thunder: A night jar takes flight

2014 like a passing shadow will lay down to rest

A new year to rise and with sunshine be blessed

Morning songsters serenade the golden kiss of early morn

Cobwebs and gilt edged clouds drift across the dawn

Whispers of leaves veined in morning’s gold braid

Peace spreading her wings: a calming serenade

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Leading her herd through the darkness and into the sunlight

A tight knit sisterhood… aware of their plight

Seductive and slow she leaves a large tread

Enormous ears fanning her majestic head

Heavy old body clad in a tough wrinkled coat

Deep rumbles of appreciation vibrating in her warm throat

Musky scent of elephants wafts on the sultry breeze

Calves dancing to a barefoot shuffle: joy through the trees

A drum roll of Africa pounds beneath their feet

A colliding of two giants where continent and elephant meet

Tender trunks caress: rumps roll from side to side

An impenetrable wall of tusk and muscle: they are Africa’s pride

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Why must man meddle with these perfect life forms?

A hurricane of greed, corruption and violent storms

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‘Loxodonta Africana’ a vital part of this untamed land

Blessings for 2015:


Their destiny lies firmly in our hands.

Please help us to help them. Here is our link

5 thoughts on “Elephant Blessings

  1. Absolutely brilliant poem- it is full of hope for 2015 – well done! So proud to be ur daughter and support this wonderful charity! Xxx

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