A Horizon Full Of Elephants…Some Thirty Miles Long

The tusks of

7 600 elephants will be burnt in Kenya on 30.04.16.  This poem is dedicated to

those elephants callously slaughtered.

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Out of the twilight they march to a African beat

Free swinging trunks and large padded feet

Cobwebs float like gossamer lace

African sunrise….a fiery promise in this magical place

Full of mystery they amble….romancing the sun

A horizon full of elephants….some thirty miles long

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A dusting of Africa freckling their majestic heads

A powerful belonging in each well worn tread

Kilimanjaro rises….peaking above the celestial clouds

Caressed by the heavens….it stands colossal and proud

The African bush shrouded in russet clothes

The mighty continent grumbling beneath their toes

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Creamy tusks glow….a life spark lit from within

A resounding boom……a deathly din

Invisible winds blow…..a dry warm breath

Elephants swaying to the ‘Dance of Death’


The flame of life extinguished by the human hand


Elephants lie bleeding into the warm African sand

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30th April, 2016….black smoke billows high

Thousands of blood stained tusks…..an elephant pyre

Choking flames engulf….blocking out the sky

Decades of destruction…..


Magnificent tusks…never ours to keep

A final salute to these giants…..as the angels weep

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A haunting lullaby carries on the early morning breeze

Twilight lingers….restless in the trees

Gilt edge clouds drift above the rising sun

A horizon full of ghosts marching……some thirty miles long

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Drenched In Moonlight….

The African bush in sunsets golden hue…..a magical place full of different species of

animals, bird life and insects.

Elephants help maintain forest and savanna ecosystems for other species, and are integrally tied to rich biodiversity.


Beyond the edge of the sunsets golden hue

Dusty evening hangs motionless….nightfall soon due

Crickets thrum to an African beat

An endless sky of stars twinkle….as night time they greet


Africa’s bush drenched in ethereal moon light

The hoarse cough of a leopard…..a night jar takes flight

Rich heady scents linger….beguiled by the silvery moon

A throaty roar of a lion….a deep reverberating boom

The mighty baobab….ghostly in its stance

Mystical and Ancient….holds the power to enhance

The liquid murmur of a river….a tumultuous flow

Moon beams float gently…casting an eerie glow


As moonlight slumbers….a thousand watchful eyes

A gilt edged dawn as darkness dies

Blades of grass adorned with tears of morning dew

Clear and iridescent….the sun light peeks through

Birds stretching their wings…soaring the invisible breeze

Nature’s melodies in the leaves rustling through the trees

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Faithful Askaris flank his creased and weathered old sides

Youthful and strong….majestic in their strides

Thick powerful trunks swaying…back and forth with ease

Flaunting their strength….large ears fanning the breeze

Creamy scythe like tusks bejewel their proud and noble heads

Pondering the rhythm of life with each silent tread

Drawn into deep shadows…softened by a golden gauzy haze

Wrapped in cloaks of solace….they embrace the mellow day

Caressing bones and sharing sorrow where elephants have once bled

Their existence hanging in the balance….A fragile life thread

Man….a well groomed predator setting a destructive pace

Devouring nature’s riches from this magical place


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We strengthen those who protect wildlife and promote harmony between

man and nature through a philosophy of respect….