Last Call Of The Elephant

This poem is dedicated to an old jumbo that we used to watch on our regular fishing trips

to the Zambezi  Valley. I often think of him and hope that if he is dead that he has

been allowed to die a natural death and all body parts have been left in the land

where they belong.


Shadows crawl: drowsy with the late afternoon heat

A burst of evening hues: an explosive treat

As the golden sky sets the clouds ablaze

Moths romance the silky twilight haze

A gentle breeze frolics through the canopy of trees

Fragmenting the moonbeams that peek and tease

The Zambezi river carves it’s way through the valley

Fast and forbidding: pulsating with life and vitality

Starlight and mystery hang motionless and warm

Rumbles from an elephant: Nature’s perfect life form


When the East is aglow with a burnished light

A majestic old jumbo ambles out of the night

The Zambezi valley throbs gently beneath his feet

An echo of harmony where land and elephant meet

A rugged beauty shared: both majestic and grand

Valley and jumbo entwined by a spiritual hand

His magnificent head: held up high

His thick meaty trunk sweeps the azure sky

Mystical and powerful, this proud old tusker

Jagged ivories have long lost their lustre

The curve from eye to tusk is wide

Youth long flown: his only companion pride

Fanning the breeze with tattered old ears

Easing an arthritic back leg that has dogged him for years

His heavy coat wrinkled: still lord of the land

This wise old jumbo splendid and grand

Long peaceful days pass in silent meditation

Body and soul courting spiritual transformation

An echo of a trumpet call pierces the air

The trees a silent witness: the wind whistles a prayer

Mother Nature bows gracefully: Her gratuity absolute

The first drops of rainfall: a final salute


13 thoughts on “Last Call Of The Elephant

  1. An awesome poem…your ability with words leaves me speechless and emotional.

  2. You are so talented! !! You always make me feel like I am there and I too feel emotional and so so proud of you!!!!

  3. you must have some direct connection to Source my friend – the words are such that they take me and embed me in that scene, away from the madness, if only for a time. It reinforces my connection to the Animal Kingdom and that we are One x

  4. wow such lovely words I just loved it
    love the beauty of it and the elephants description,
    so beautiful and how he was poised
    elegant and handsome,
    thank you for creating a beautiful sense of enjoyment and embodiment.

  5. Wow! this has to be the best yet…….brilliant, just brilliant Jen!!!!!

  6. Stunning Jen. How I miss those days, but was transported there with your poem

  7. Oh my goodness. What beautiful words, what a beautiful scene described, what a magnificent animal. Truly God’s work at hand. My tears are still flowing from pure joy at the memory and homesickness to a childhood also long gone. Thank you for making my day.

  8. Your poem encompasses everything that those of us from Africa love and miss. The words are evocative and give shape and form to our memories and deep yearning for a life long ago…. Thank you.

  9. The most beautiful poem. Every word in this poem tells a grand story of such an amazing gentle giant. Our hearts are all still in our home country. God bless.

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