Elephant Prayer

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This poem is dedicated to the amazing work that Rory Young is doing in training the men on the ground. His work fills me with hope for the future of these giants and the other wildlife that share the Continent

Please view the short video clip and share…these men and animals need our help

Elephant Prayer

Africa, a land of sun burnt dreams

Endless heavens and frolicking streams

Trees boastful in their russet splendour

Afternoon melodies drifting: soft and tender

Spiders webs like fine lace flutters in the breeze

Whispers of life caught between two trees

Bronzed African giants at peace as in silence they tread

Africa’s horizon weaving its evening magic: a golden thread

Ancient beings: compassionate and tender

Creamy ivories their downfall: greed they do engender

Wrinkled rumps rolling: rich steamy scents fill the air

Majestic elephants: trunks raised in silent prayer

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An orchestra of nightlife seduces the fading light

Moon spills gently caressing the night

Hope hangs: a symphony of survival

A night time of prayers bows to dawns arrival

Out of the night and into the sun they tread

  A footprint of hope as goodwill spreads

Large hearts beating: Africa shaped ears

Journeying together and bonding through the years

Warmth spreading like sunshine over the tranquil land

Celebrating their presence so powerful and grand

On this vast wild continent: for peace I pray

A rainbow like a promise welcomes the day


14 thoughts on “Elephant Prayer

  1. Thankful that someone Care’s about one of Gods greatest creations. Bless you.

  2. Words so aptly said, for some the trurh to dread. For us the elephants must live without refrain, forever a sign in their African domain.

  3. A wonderful poem, and am so impressed with the work that is being done to try and protect the elephants. They have just as much right to live in peace in this world, and everything should be done to protect them and in fact all African wildlife.

  4. Another beautiful poem Jen. Lets hope that these specila creatures can be saved.!

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