The Last One Standing

The Last One Standing

Moving like a whisper….breath warm and tender

Under a dusty pink sky…..evening’s gentle surrender

A last sliver of sunshine weaves through the trees

Moths with paper thin wings soar on the invisible breeze

Seduced by the crickets in the fading light

Earthy scents linger to embrace the warm night

Moon light spills gently….an opalescent glow

A liquid murmur of the river…seductive as she flows

Under the dark mantle of midnight he ponders….muscular trunk held up high

The last elephant standing…lonely under the African sky

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Out of the night he ambles…tattered ears fanned wide

Noble head steeped in dignity and pride

His well worn shadow….no longer plump

A coat full of creases hanging off his bony rump

Dusty dreams echo…the shifting sands of time

The wealthy host of ivory…the elephants only crime

Wheeling vultures circle amid silence  in the shimmering sky

A well worn path enhanced with his footprints and a lonely cry

The gnarled old tusker  ambles on……..

Pulled by a cooling breeze and an eerie bush song

Soon to be caught in the web of human deceit

Man made gunfire….a nightmare of excruciating heat

Shadows racing across Africa’s tawny pelt

The last elephant bleeding into the parched African veld

Betty K Sz baby ellie

Photo credit to Betty K Sz…thank you for sharing your wonderful images with me

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5 thoughts on “The Last One Standing

  1. A sad poem, with an unthinkable ending…..This quote below sums us up exactly……

    “Can there be any question that the human is the least harmonious beast in the forest and the creature most toxic to the nest?”
    ? Randy Thornhorn

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