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demo pic with crowd

We are privileged to have the presence of elephants

On this bronzed and timeless land

The largest living land mammals

Leaving footprints

As they pad quietly across the sand

Feel your heart swell

Pumping with love and a little fear

These majestic creature’s presence

 FRAGILE: Please you need to hear


Elephant’s tusks are not diamonds

To covet and possess

They come from butchered sentient creatures

And on this point, I stress


Elephants in large numbers

Slaughtered for their ‘white gold’

To be intricately carved into jewelry and trinkets

For you to love and hold

Feel an elephant heart beat wildly

Burning from within

Become a voice for the voiceless

And let a new era begin


Stop the demand for ivory

Share this with kith and kin

Ensure that life force for these creatures

Continues to pound from within

Fall under the spell of these giants

Save them from the human race

A mighty peace will settle

Radiant on Mother Natures’ face


One thought on “TIME FOR CHANGE

  1. Beautiful!!!! Amazing words – stunning and incredibly sad images in my mind…but whilst we can still fight for change …. I will be there. Well done!!!!!

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