United We Stand….

Dedicated to all wildlife enthusiasts coming together across the globe to


Thank you all.

As custodians of this beautiful earth…powerful in our stance

Fighting against extinction….still given the chance

Our lungs exhaling the cool London air

Our combined energy pulsating…as one we share

A passion for these animals and their untamed splendour ….which is ours to protect

Entwined together with nature…..a mutual respect

Across the globe united…an unstoppable force

Doing what is right by these animals


It is a conscious choice


‘Why us?’ the matriarch pleads…sorrow clouding her wise old eyes

‘Is a tusk cursed head enough reason for elephants to die?’

Mystical ivory steeped in greed and fears

A fusion of genes spanning millions of years

Walking with balance and beauty…yet poached for their horn

These animals cruelly left….gasping for life….faces mutilated and torn

Consumers of Rhino horn…..hang your heads in shame

Your demand for rhino horn….inflicting excruciating pain


A hauntingly lonely road of ghosts…a sea of empty space

Magnificent wild world…disappearing without a trace


Listen in on their world hear their pleas

No to rhino horn and ivory….a moral decree

Be the change this world needs ….hold your heads high

An echo of harmony…thrown wide to the sky

Teach the children well…they are the future.

Rory Young addressing the crowd in London on 7th October 2017.

Chengeta Wildlife provides essential training and support to the

heroes on the front lines in the fight against poaching


6 thoughts on “United We Stand….

  1. Absolutely brilliant! The feeling of disgust at the human race, followed by hope knowing that there are so many of us who are good and supporting CHANGE!!!! I feel priveledged to have taken part in the protest and so proud of all who turned out and supported worldwide! THANKYOU and so proud of you xxx xx

  2. Beautifully written. Your passion for these precious animals is obvious. You are amazing. Xx

  3. It was an honour and a privilege to stand in silence in Parliament Square on 7th October and remember the fallen – elephants, rhinos and rangers. Also to listen to the powerful speeches which followed.

  4. Awe Jen! Beautiful and such a powerful message and yearning for this poaching to stop and these beautiful majestic animals to be able to roam free without being in danger from these hideous poachers !!
    Well done x

  5. Beautiful Jen. We stand with you all in this very important quest for poaching to end and these animals to be given the respect they are due..

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