Ode To Satao..Magnificent Tusker

The drum roll of Africa throbs beneath his feet

A colliding of two giants where Continent and Elephant meet

Mystical and magical: this proud old tusker

Sweeping tusks like scythes: rich creamy lustre

The curve from eye to tusk is wide

Youth has long since flown: age no longer on his side

His passion for life as powerful as a fast flowing river

Mortality shadows him: his enormous heart a quiver

Do these animals comprehend the ugliness of man’s greed?

Menacing evil without conscience or creed

This wise old jumbo: deep shadow by day

Hemmed in by dense bush: hiding away

Tears glisten sadly reflecting the crimson sky

Uneasy silence spreading its wings: his time is drawing nigh

Blood tinted clouds drift slowly mirroring his horror

Trees, a silent witness to his fear and sorrow

Ghosting through the darkness: sanguine moonbeams watch through the trees

A flutter of night wings haunting the breeze

Turmoil of emotions: tears and anger flows

Fire hot lava: burning winds blow

Poisoned arrows: anguish and fear

Mournful ballad: a soulful cry

Flame of life flickering dimly: accepting sigh

Festering wounds and agonising pain


Magnificent tusker: mangled grey heap



9 thoughts on “Ode To Satao..Magnificent Tusker

  1. Oh my gosh……I am speechless… sooo sad ! Satao I salute you. What is happening to our world? There are so many bad … and yet so many good!!!! – It always only takes a few to spoil it. Your poem is just incredibly beautiful and moving – YOU HAVE AN AMAZING TALENT! Keep fighting…..

  2. Very nicely put Jenny, such a sad ending for a magnificent animal

  3. You have such depth of feeling Jen and this poem had my emotions welling……..so sad for Satao, why? why? why?!!!!

  4. Wonderful again – but horrible to have to write some so beautiful about something so cruel.

  5. I love your poetry Jen, your anguish is portrayed through your words for Satao.

  6. So sorry to hear of Sateo. .
    I just wish this killing of Elephants cruelty to them….would stop once and for all….

  7. I didn’t know he lived, until he died. But knowing that there are those like him , free and safe is enough for me

  8. This is an incredible loss. I wish a living hell on the poachers, or better yet wipe them off the face of the earth

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