Beautiful Elephants

Rustling leaves harmonise with the call of late afternoon

Indigo shadows deepen and crickets croon

Warm sticky evening ushered in on a gentle breeze

Fiery backdrop: music through the trees

Crossing the twilight: large ears wide spread

A circle of harmony like a halo above her head

Rumbling gently she ambles into the night

Disappearing herd lost in peace and quiet

Twinkling starlight slips through the canopy of trees

Mosquitoes humming breathlessly as they taunt and tease

Proud and dignified Matriarch: quiet in her mind

A breathtaking glimpse into her world: her kind

Shoulder to shoulder they push and tussle

An impenetrable wall of tusks and muscle

Night shadows soon drift and darkness fades

An explosion of dawn welcomes an elephant parade

Fold upon fold of wrinkles rolling from side to side

Footprints of Africa: Africa’s pride

Dewy mist hangs like gossamer lace

Warmth spreading like sunshine in this magical place

Bronzed by the golden kiss of early morning

A tranquil chorus of birds and a fish eagle soaring

These amazing giants are a part of our wonderful African land

Moving silently like dancers: majestic and grand


Where there is life there is hope: we continue to fight

Wildlife guardians putting wrongs to right

Human footprints leave their ugly scars on the land

China: please you hold their destiny in your hands

Time disappears in dusky sunlight and smoke

Time to change: wear compassion’s cloak

Elephants, Rhinos and wildlife dear

Extinction, China is a gut wrenching fear


My childish promise to an elephant lying dead on the land

To help stop this destruction from the human hand


7 thoughts on “Beautiful Elephants

  1. Beautiful. And very interesting.

    I wish I could help too. So far away, in a cold country where elephants are already almost fantasy, signing petitions and reposting info. But still they die and numbers dwindle. I can only dream of them and hope together all our little or big efforts stop this sad state of affairs.

    anything I can do, I would

    Rachel ????????

  2. Your writing is just beautiful – I always feel I am there with the Eles and I can smell Africa – just because of your descriptions!!! I feel sad, and angry – but I know that we are doing what we can for now….I am so proud of you! love you lots and love reading your poems and blog! xxx

  3. I have read your writings before and admire your wonderful talent of putting words we warriors would like to say . You say how it is and I admire you for it. Always makes me cry

  4. Superb Jen, beautiful words, you bring Africa and these magnificent precious animals to life. Love your blog x

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