Wearing His Tusks With Pride

Sun washed river reflects a limitless sky

Undulating seductively: liquid murmurs and sighs

A jumbo ambles out into the deep afternoon heat

Powerful and majestic: light on his feet

Jagged ivories worn with pride

A cloak of dignity close to his side

An earthy aura: he romances the sultry breeze

In his wake, rich vibrant scents and bowing trees

African Jacanas dance a quick step over lush Lilly pads

Bodies feathered a chestnut brown: richly clad

The Zambezi Valley throbs powerfully: drum rolls beneath the feet

Echoes of harmony where land and souls meet

Large muscled trunk: Africa shaped ears

Blessed with wisdom: shrouded in tragic fears

Elephant tusks are not diamonds to covet and possess

Tusks belong to elephants: on this point I stress

As dusk closes in: twilight fades

Frogs and crickets fill the air: evening serenade

Bright stars cool down the darkest sky

Languid moon beams reaching high

Suffocating roar from a lioness resonates through the night

Survival of the fittest: power of might

A symphony of nocturnal life: nature’s grandest stage

Night hunters prowling through the shadows: hunger rage

The magic of the Zambezi valley: wildlife, bush and trees

Invading your consciousness: teasing with ease

Majestic Elephants close to becoming a vanishing race

China: EXTINCTION means vanishing without a trace


6 thoughts on “Wearing His Tusks With Pride

  1. Absolutely awesome poem! Well done! You are so talented and are putting it to good use in something that you and we are so passionate about! Keep going! “)

  2. Another of your truly heartfelt poems! So very beautiful! Thank you Jenny!!

  3. Again Jen ! So well written and you are getting the message across in this beautiful poetry !

  4. Your poems and blogs are magnificent, just like the elephant.
    I’m so glad I found this website amongst the others.
    You are gifted. You should write for a living, your heart is in it.

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