Raising Awareness Through My Kid’s Collection And Poems

My Kid’s Collection and Poems

Paintings and Poems to help kids learn about these animals

Prints are £5.00 each plus postage. Every print goes out with a poem that is

 connected to the animal and all profits will go to

Chengeta Wildlife  for

Training Rangers And Saving Animals

ellie painting final

Trumpet Loud And Become My Voice

What a world full of wonder, beauty and space

A world full of miracles …. all deserving of a place

You will know who I am with my powerful trunk held high

I am a keystone species under the electric sky

I am a mega gardener…opening up tracts of land

I weave my enormous footprints on the sand

Look into my eyes and you will see

A desperate need for acceptance…and a need to be free

Children of the universe…become my voice

Ivory belongs to elephants and we all have a choice

giraffe painting fina

Stand Tall For Me

Lolloping along…I have the most magnificent view

Browsing from the tree tops is something I love to do

I am pretty awesome and I feel so alive

I am sadly not part of ‘Africa’s Big Five’

My neck is long and I stand ever so tall

When giving birth…my calf has a long way to fall

I am part of the magic of this African Land

So Please little people

Help to stop this destruction from the human hand

pangoline painting final

Stay Humble Little People

I am handsome and humble and I yearn to be free

With my large curved front claws…I can actually climb a tree

Even wearing my coat of armour…I can still roll into a tight ball

I walk on my hind legs…but even then…I am not that tall

I am the most threatened species to walk on this magical land

I am destroyed for my scales…by the human hand

My scales are made of keratin….the same as your nails

I am definitely not medicine…despite all those ancient tales

My name is ‘Pangolin’ ….and I deserve a better life

Please…please…little humans…stop this strife

rhino painting final

Stand By Me

With my muscular body and my handsome and noble head

I love to strut and leave my treads

You will know who I am from my magical horns

I am a ‘Rhinoceros’ ……not a mythical unicorn

Please little humans…I deserve some space

I don’t want to vanish without a trace

My horns belong only to me

They do not belong over the seas

Say no to rhino horn…and just leave me be

I belong in the bush…and I yearn to be free

lion painting final

Roar For Me

I am the King of the bush with my wild tawny mane

I spend most of my evenings stalking game

Surrounded by my harem of girls with their gleaming yellow eyes

We often hunt with an element of surprise

I have earned my right to roam and be free

My bones are my own…they belong to me

I am not a trophy ….to sit on anyone’s wall

My heart beats to an ancient drum and I am majestic and tall

I am the ‘Lion’….a …King…so just let me be

Please little people….no Canned Hunting for me.

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

Chengeta Wildlife trains rangers and saves animals