Kissed By The Mellow Sun

Dedicated to the magnificent African Elephants

Please sign the petition to stop Zimbabwe

from exporting more baby elephants to China

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A horizon stitched in a delicate gold thread

Large drops of sunshine flaunting a deep orange red

The drum roll of Africa pulsating in each elephant’s heart beat

Large leathery rumps basking…..relaxed in the sultry heat

Whispering leaves harmonise…celebrating summer’s gentle breeze

Embracing mud caked elephant calves frolicking with ease

The electric sky stretches high above this sun burnt


Elephants parading the African skyline….massive and grand

Creamy scythe like tusks…trunks so versatile and tender

Lumbering past…cloaked in wrinkled robes of splendour

Mile upon mile of dusty golden tales they weave

Keeping vigil over silent bones…they sorrow and they grieve

Loxodonta Africana…..proud of their god given treasures

Kissed by the mellow sun…rejoicing in life’s pleasures

A shimmering mirage as they amble in the hot midday heat

A colliding of giants where elephants and continent meet

Invisible whistling winds…graceful with nature’s song

Caressing this

Timeless land where these magnificent giants belong

Africa’s elephants full of rhythm….a vital life source

Majestic and noble….a powerful magnetic force

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Elephants boxed and crated…exported into servitude……Forced to be become compliant

An ultimate betrayal of these enigmatic giants

Africa without elephants….evaporated memories thrown to the

dry wind

Giants robbed of an existence….by those who have sinned

As custodians of this earth….we hold their destiny in the palms

of our hands

Ghostly shadows of giants haunting an arid African land

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Rangers risk their lives

Let’s give them the skills and knowledge to win


A New Dawn Flaunts A Rich Golden Hue

My poem is

dedicated to wildlife guardians worldwide. We salute each and every one of


I am so proud to be a part of Chengeta Wildlife.

We train those who are wildlife’s first line of defense against poachers and poaching syndicates.

‘We bag poachers

before they bag elephants’

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Standing so tall….knotted arms reaching to the sky

Leafy canopy stargazing ….swaying to a gentle lullaby

A limitless twinkling heaven for as far as the eye can see

A wondrous spectacle…a cosmic mystery

A timid midnight moon shimmers from behind a gossamer cloud

The ghostly call of a night jar….hauntingly loud

The magic of darkness…midnight’s warmth by her side gently flows

Moonbeams caressing deep shadows with an opulent glow

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Crystals of change …..sparkling anew

As the 2016 dawn flaunts a rich golden hue

Out of the morning shadows they lollop…long necks stretched up high

Rejoicing their freedom under the African sky

Yellow billed horn-bills gliding…..Nature’s call of perfection

An iridescent malachite kingfisher beguiled by his own reflection

Gigantic ‘water horse’…sentinel of the fast flowing rivers

Yellow eyed lions….their tawny manes aquiver

Stealthy sleek leopard…yellow rosettes gleaming with pride

Flight of the fish eagle…handsome wings spread wide

Prison garbed zebra….and battle scarred buff

Menacing crocodiles ….ruthless and tough

Towering giants…graceful ears fanned wide

Muscular rhinoceros….rippling with pride

Water-buck and kudu…stately in their stance

The sun burnt African bush holds the power to enhance

Magical wildlife ……ours to cherish and protect

Leaving footprints….of compassion and respect

Organza spiderwebs spun with sun glazed thread

Peace on all wildlife guardians as in silence they tread

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 2015…a year full of horror, happiness and tears

A year full of courage, hope and fears

footprints resized

2016’s earthy breeze swirls….a heart beat of elation

Safe blessings on all wildlife….

We hold their future in our hands…we are their salvation.

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

Rangers Risk Their Lives

Let’s give them the skills

and knowledge need to win