ellies holding trunks

Black storm clouds erupt

Plum towers in the sky

Blustering winds shriek

Branches whipping up high

Big and Powerful

Excited and aggressive

The bull in musth

Determined and impressive


Using his trunk

He caresses her back gently

Temporal glands flowing

Excitement pulsing a plenty

Rumbles of thunder, growl in the distance

The elephant cow in oestrus

Accepts the bull without resistance


Lightening flashes fluorescent

lighting up the sky

Thunder roars restlessly

Matching the look in the elephant bull’s eye

Mating in untamed splendour

On nature’s grandest stage

Two elephants surrender

And to the dance of life

They engage


The storm slides past

A horizon stitched in gold

Soon germination of luscious green shoots

Rich, juicy and bold

The female elephant cow

Content and replete

The miracle of new life

In her complete


3 thoughts on “THE CYCLE OF LIFE

  1. This poem is magical – the passion and miracle of new life – your words are beautiful!!!! I so enjoyed this…

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