After The Storm


Storm clouds riding on the back of the wind

Brooding…heavy…as dark as the devil at night

Cloaked in corruption…hustling the light

Growls of anger hang…heavy in the air

Lightning forks…burning through the clouds…

A jagged merciless tear

Hearts beating like thunder…backs humped against the onslaught

Many battles for their freedom…still to be fought

Leaf laden branches writhe…snapping in the storm

Stolen like the wildlife…discarded…tossed high in the sky

Clouds burdened with greed….. continue to climb high

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A stillness reigns…menacing in the quiet


A perfect opaque tear drop….a small puff of dust

The sweet breath of compassion caressing the earth’s hard crust

Stinging needle like rain bursts from the pregnant cloud

Mother Nature bestows…life giving elixir….

A cleansing enshroud

footprints resized

Guardians of the bush….

footprints resized

On wings of spun gold…the dark clouds drift slowly away

Peace like tender shoots¬†unfurling….celebrating the new day

Magical life…ours to cherish and protect

No pollution, taking for granted and leaving

Footprints of neglect

Silken lives glisten…blessed with drops of rain

Our parched earth reborn…free of pain

footprints resized

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7 thoughts on “After The Storm

  1. This is an incredibly powerful poem… has been churning in my mind and my gut – beautiful and double edged!!!! I love it!!!!!

  2. Wow!! I could feel the atmosphere and sense the storm rising, the raindrops pitter patter on the dry land-it was that powerful. You have an amazing gift with words Jen xx

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