Who Will Keep Watch Over the Presidential Herd?

The Presidential herd plus minus 450 strong

Bronzed bush pulsating: elephant song

The fire of dawn lighting the way

Whispers of rain at the close of day

Elephant herds: a vanishing race

The essence of nature in this breathtaking place

Wondrous skies as high as they are wide

Australian Angel: fighting by their side

13 years of protection, devotion and love

Mellowed by sunshine streaming down from above

Her wealth of knowledge upon our ears to share

Each and every elephant, she knows, loves and holds dear

In the golden silence of early morning

The sky bursts open: fearful warning

Stop the corruption and greed, she cries in despair

Is anyone out there? Does anyone care?

The world sits back watching

As elephants struggle to breathe

What will become of these sentient animals?

Will there be a reprieve?

Tears of the elephants: pearl drops on the sand

Brushstrokes of greed painted across our land

Tears of woman and elephants mingle

Reflecting the crimson sky

Heartbreak and fear: sadness in her eye

She can no longer stay: forced to leave

She can no longer fight the corruption and greed

Who will keep watch over the Presidential herd?


When will they learn: wildlife is ours to hold

Ours to encompass and with compassion to enfold

When will peace return? Ease Africa’s pain

Our heart song, soul dance and LIFE GIVING rain

One thought on “Who Will Keep Watch Over the Presidential Herd?

  1. Oh my gosh this poem is so beautiful and evokes such emotion and despair in me!!!!! Your words are truly incredible and I hope they reach far and wide…you deserve it! X

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