Hope Dawning

As the sun sinks slowly: reluctant to leave the day

A myriad of stars twinkle: showing night the way

Elephants have crossed the twilight like ships in silhoutted shadows

Oozing with personality: goodwill flows

The hush of evening: solace in the silence

Moonbeams peeking: shining with compliance

A whispering wind flirts with the starlit sky

Capturing harmony: pulse of wilderness and contented sighs

Peace like a seed needs nourishment to expand and grow

Nuance of brilliance: a warm-hearted glow

With the passing of night: first rays of dawn

Gilt-edged horizon stitches a new morn

Hope for humanity as sunlight fills the day

A radiant reflection chasing corruption and greed away

Our magnificent wildlife, again free to roam

In this magical bush that I call home

We will unite: wildlife on the land

Winds of peace blowing: footprints on the sand

Measuring our civilized behaviour by the depth of our compassion

Africa now blessed with riches and passion

4 thoughts on “Hope Dawning

  1. This is such a beautiful poem filled with positive energy and hope!!!! I love it!!!!

  2. Thanks Jenny – keep sharing your poems with us – they are really appreciated!!!!

  3. As a fellow poet, who has written about Africa in another time , I really enjoyed this.

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