Elephant eye


Unease settles like heavy fog

Shadows in the dark

The trees, a silent witness

To the massacre in the park

Ghostly shapes float

Ethereal and forlorn

Carcasses of the elephants

Abused and torn


Mother Nature grows restless

Blustering through the trees

The spirits of the Gods

Difficult to appease

Anger, like an inferno bubbles

Close to eruption

Guardians of nature show displeasure


Man’s greed and corruption


The fiery dawn reveals

Chaos and desolation

Fingers point at human greed

A disrespect for conservation

Human betrayal and abomination


Deadly whispers on the breeze

Shadowy forms disappearing through the trees

Ears and eyes are all around

Perpetrators of this act of violence

Will be found

Which men in suits have supplied

The lethal cyanide?

Villagers cower

Threats are crystal clear

‘Keep my name off your lips’


‘Punishment will be severe’


Mother Nature knows who you are

There is no place to hide

The death of all these animals

The spirits cannot abide

Mist shrouded shapes, large and grey

Will stalk you in your dreams

Tearing at your conscience

With loud pitiful screams


2 thoughts on “THE SPIRITS ARE ANGRY

  1. I am overawed by your poetry,Jenny,it is very beautiful and very moving. How sad that the villagers ” had to do the dirty work for these rotten murderers”. I could wish that they never ever sleep peacefully again–hope their dreams are horrendous and that Elephants will haunt them till the end of time. The photgraphs are extremely stressful but make me feel a deep and abiding anger against poachers –wherever they are doing their hateful work–and whatever animal they are targeting to feed their greed.

  2. This poem is incredible and yes mother nature must be fuming at humans destruction of her beautiful beasts! I hope they get caught and have nightmares forever! Well done I am so proud!!

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