Short Trunk

short trunk


Sunshine pelting down from high

Heat waves shimmer in the air

Female elephants standing by

Lazy under the cerulean sky


‘Short trunk’ suckles thirstily

Gulping with noisy slurps

Small eyes shining happily

His short trunk held up high

From the trees playful sounds

As calves go trumpeting by

The haunting call of the rain bird

Carries on the breeze

‘Short trunk’ finishes feeding

Rubbing gently against a tree


‘Short trunk’ ambles off, looking for some friends

Their learning skills for adulthood

On these games depend

Idling the hours away, tumbling on the ground

Mock charging with each other

Accompanied by ferocious sounds

‘Short trunks’ mother keeps an eye

On her precious calf

Her gentle heart overflows with love

For this, her special boy

Life expectancy is not long for him

Dark worry clouds her joy


This little elephant was caught in a snare

Evil wire, his trunk in half did tear

Agonising healing time for him

And lucky to survive

He is of course, one of Africa’s best

One of our big five

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