Dawn explodes like fire on this harsh and timeless land

Flames of sunlight bursts

Licking the veldt with a golden hand

An old tusker stands, warming his back against the dawn

The essence of nature in the early morn

Harmony in motion, this gentle beast

Intricately entwined with the warmth rising in the east

Lord of the land, he celebrates the new day

The old soldier, with his well worn tusks

A vital part of this wild splendor in every way


Way up high above the gilt-edged cloud

The drone of a machine screeches out loud

Wrapped in coats of violence, they hover above the trees

Weapons of death resting, on human knees


The proud old tusker sweeps his trunk across the sky

A terrified look in his rheumy old eye

He trumpets wildly, face frozen in fear

Heart pounding: stretching tight

Bolting for safety, awkward in his flight

Shots ring out, striking him with meaty sounds

Down he goes, legs splayed and crashing into the ground


The pungent smell of death hangs in the air

The old tusker’s heart, still pounding with fear

Tears trickle slowly reflecting the desolation

His nightmare of violence, pain and desecration

Men reach for their axes with unquenchable greed

Moving in close without conscience or creed

Ivory tusks, his personal treasure

Torn from his face for man’s pleasure

Bloodcurdling screams cut through the morning breeze

Rivers of blood gush through the trees


The peace of death carries his soul

His mutilated body, no longer whole

A deadly quiet lingers. The chaos insane

The old tusker at peace: no longer in pain

Again they had come, like devils at first light

No thought for this creature in his final struggle for life

Long 60 years of life, stolen

Mangled grey silence in a heap

The first drops of rain fall

The Angels weep

7 thoughts on “THE OLD TUSKER

    • Sue, thank you for your comment. It is so sad to read about the destruction of these animals. Take care Sue and lots of love to you. xx

  1. This is so heart breaking, these beautiful proud animals butchered. man needs to be taught a lesson and hunted like they hunt these beautiful creatures.

    • Sue, thank you for your comment. Please just continue to share my link to the blog, ‘Old Tusker’ and my face book page.

    • A huge thank you to the still4hill team for their comments and adding me to your bloggers role. I am delighted to be part of this struggle and will do all I can to spread the awareness on the plight of these amazing giants. I am also aware that there are so many animals facing the same problems… As you said ‘sad and unnecessary’.

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