Poacher’s Moon

Marching for Rhinos and Elephants on Saturday 4th March 2014

poachers moon rhino watermarked

Poacher’s Moon

Pale slim hands: flickering sanguine nails

Rich creamy tusks: bloodstained tales

What will become of our African land?

Death and destruction by the human hand

Tangles of African bush: golden days

Gilt-edged clouds: late evening sun rays

Blood red moon hanging low in the sky

‘A Poachers moon’: rhinos and elephants will die

Alone with the wind: brushtrokes of red

Deep shadows of sadness: survivors long fled

Raging thunderstorms: untamed streams

Scattered herds and broken dreams

Ivory tusks: the elephant’s personal treasure

Godless acts of violence for man’s pleasure

Magnificent rhino: peaceful in her stance

A part of the African bush with the power to enhance

Rippling of muscles and elegant in their gait

The greed for rhino horn: determines their fate

As the sun seeps slowly into the night

‘A graveyard of elephants and rhinos’ ghost with the light

Shining glass cabinets: macarb moonlight peeking in

A hint of the madness: Asia’s sin

Exquisite carvings so symbolic of suffering and death

Consumers of ivory and rhino horn: I hold my breath

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