Magical Memories

This poem is dedicated to all those fighting on the side of the magnificent animals

to ensure their survival and place in Africa.

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Magical moments stored within my mind

Reels of memories….never hard to find

Dusty dreams weaving harmonies as they tantalise and tease

The melancholy call of the fish eagle… cruising empty air pockets with ease

Electric skies and shimmering heat

Rain clouds dancing to a random beat

The wide African horizon softened by a flaxen haze

Passionate undulating rivers and sun burnt days

The African bush dressed in russet clothes

Sun kissed pulse between their toes


An orchestra of nightlife  seducing the fading light

Evening shadows lengthen….creeping into the night

African half moon….shy in the sky

A myriad of stars…like beacons of hope…twinkling up high


Organza spider webs bejeweled with crystals of dew

A fresh glow of morning enhanced by a golden hue

A land steeped in traditions….and rich with game

Pungent and sticky scents igniting the flame

The fire of belonging raging deep inside

A desire to protect…. our heritage…our pride


Haunted by  the evening lullaby …..memories of my home

A land where the magnificent animals roam

These wondrous scenes are ours to hold

Ours to embrace and ours to enfold

A new dawn will soon show compassion’s face

Ensuring all creatures…. a safe and everlasting place.

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Sunshine On Their Souls

With the sun streaming through my mum’s open window, we all sit together sharing our thoughts over tea and biscuits. Kayleigh (our seven year old grand daughter) pulls out her note book and wearing her beautific smile, her piercing blue eyes meet mine. ‘Please Gog…I need to interview someone from the olden days.’ All I can hear is the hysterical laughter from my family members and I take a deep breath and I get down to answering some  questions.

Question 1 ….What did elephants used to look like in the olden days?

Answer ……There were lots of elephants and many of them had great big tusks

Question 2…..What has changed about elephants, rhinos and lions in your life?

Answer…..They are becoming endangered because they are being poached. This is sad and lots of babies have NO mothers!

Question 3….Why are they poaching these animals?

Answer…The poachers sell the animal’s body parts like tusks, horns and lion bones. This is illegal.

Question 4….What are we doing to help?  What do you do to help?

Answer…   We support Chengeta Wildlife who train anti-poaching rangers in Africa to stop them killing wildlife.

I write a blog to educate people through poetry and up to date articles on wildlife.

Kayleigh’s thought….We need to change…if we don’t, there will be NO ELEPHANTS, NO RHINOS AND NO LIONS left in the wild! Their life is in our hands.



I am proud to share her project with you all.

 interview with Gog

interview with gog 2

interview with gog 3

Her enthusiasm for her project filled me with such pride. My poem is dedicated to Kayleigh and all young people with compassionate young minds and huge hearts. Our world needs these young custodians.

 Sunshine On Their Souls

Hungry young mind still sweet with childish song

Author of her exciting journey…her wide smile strong

Deep blue eyes sparkling….crystal clear

Encompassing nature and all things we hold dear

Spreading her young wings….seeing as the eagle sees

Hearing the cries and heeding their pleas

Stretching her mind….weaving gilt edged rays

Iridescent tears flow at mans greedy ways

Allow the sun to lay a gentle hand on her soul

Spreading warmth and compassion…keeping her mind whole

She is part of the future….riding the breeze

Beaming sunsets and leaf laden trees

Carrying the rhythm of life with each careful tread

A future custodian….protecting the thread

Elephants, lions and rhinos…icons of these troubled lands

Their futures’ lying firmly in human hands

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I support Chengeta Wildlife and so can YOU

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