Footprints Of Hope

Footprints Of Hope

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Handfuls of sunshine like a halo around the globe

Footprints of hope: wearing compassion’s robe

In swirling magic beneath a veiled sun

Delicate clouds of harmony: a new era has begun

The trees a silent witness: the wind whistles a prayer

The hush of evening fills the air

Midnight’s cloak cooled down by stars shining bright

The hoarse cough of a leopard echoes through the night

Rumbles from the giants drifts through the trees

Fragmenting moonbeams peek and tease

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When the east is aglow in scarlet and gold

A land full of giants, a spectacle to behold

A tranquil chorus of birds and a fish eagle soaring

Warmth spreading like sunshine on this sun kissed morning

Billowing clouds like towers of hope

A gentle cleansing rain like liquid soap

Rhinos, kudu and hippos galore

This timeless land offers it all

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Majestic elephants: powerful, compassionate and tender

Fold upon fold of wisdom and splendour

Thick muscled trunks and Africa shaped ears

Journeying together and bonding through the years

The heart beat of Africa throbs beneath their feet

Footprints of hope: where land and elephant meet

African bush and elephants entwined by a spiritual hand

A rugged beauty shared: both splendid and grand

Measuring our civilized behaviour by the depth of our compassion

‘Fields of hope’ blessed with riches and passion

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6 thoughts on “Footprints Of Hope

  1. This is beautiful….it does fill me with hope!!!!!!! Lets keep fighting! Xxxxx

  2. That’s awesome, I’ve recently started to write some poetry , reading that has given me a bit more inspiration .

  3. If 10% of the worlds population was as committed as Jenny to the plight of the Elephants & Rhino there will be a heritage for our grandchildren’s children to cherish. A fantastic poem and thank you for the amazing stuff that you do.

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