Elephant Song

Deep rumbles like music in the fresh glow of dawn

Elephants silhouetted in the early morn

Majestic and powerful: backs against the east

Harmony in motion: gentle beasts

At one with nature: weaving their magic

Their thread in life fragile and tragic

The roar of the lion: tawny beast

Voracious killer: gorging feast

From the ‘smoke that thunders’ against a cerulean sky

To the mighty Limpopo rushing on by

The sanguine red moon floods through the trees

An earthy glow of fire and sultry breeze

Elephants, Rhinos and buffaloes galore

Our beautiful Zimbabwe: offered it all

The Zambezi valley embracing the wide sky

Miombo Woodlands reaching high

The smell of earth: peace in the silence

Zimbabwe’s wildlife: stalked by shadows of violence

Follow the vultures swooping up high

Scavengers feasting: spine tingling cries

Rhino horns butchered and ripped from their face

Elephants being poached at an alarming pace

Corruption and greed overshadowing the magic

This land of extremes: rumbles so tragic

Our look East policy: where will it lead?

Overtaking vines : clogging weed

The wildlife resources are ours to hold

Ours to encompass, treasure and enfold

How can you yearn for: I hold my breath?

Animals’ personal treasures so symbolic of suffering and death

All the parks and wildlife men working on the ground

Preserving our heritage : your dedication does astound

Fighting against corruption: the fire: the big bang

The silence of emptyness : melancholy hangs

8 thoughts on “Elephant Song

  1. WOW I love it!!! Every week you astound me with another beautiful poem…where they come from I don’t know-other than your passionate heart! Incredible…I wouldnlike to see these published one day soon – I would buy the book! Xxx

  2. Great poem Jen….it really brings home all the points that you have been taking about this past week and writen on in this weeks blog

  3. Jen. A beautiful, moving poem. You are so gifted and I love reading them. Preferably on my own as I usually shed a tear or 10.

  4. Wow Jen, such moving words! Your talent and passion is beautiful

  5. Jen, that is wonderful, their is nothing like what we had anywhere in the world. It is the first one of your poems that I have read I will read them all in the future, it is beautiful, it is Rhodesia. Take care of yourself, your poetry is very special

  6. Jenny, You have a great gift. Why don’t you publish a book of Poems in aid of the Ellies and Rhino’s of Zim/Rhodesia?

  7. Your poems are always moving, Jenny. I feel the “sighs of elephants” when I read them. You express so well what others and I think. Thank you. I would certainly purchased a book if you could get it published and I know others would. I look forward to reading your next poem.

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