A Future For The Little Ones…..

This poem was inspired by a comment Larry Laverty made on one of the posts I shared. He

said ‘A future for the little ones. Peace for the big ones’ with a beautiful photo of

an elephant.

We need to start giving back to our natural world to ensure a bright

future for us all.

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A Future For The Little Ones….

A warm and sticky breeze frolics…ruffling the azure sky

The solace of untrampled lands and clouds drifting by

Ancient trees full of life….boasting of massive girth

Knobbly roots burrowing deep within the earth

Sunshine like liquid gold spilling from above

A symphony…a rustling and the mournful call of a dove

Sultry scents melting away …..into the cool of the night

Moonbeams teasing with a silvery light

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Pain behind her wrinkled visage….deep fissured trunk held up high

Her great elephant heart pounding…..she lets out a cry

An agonizing stab…..she starts to bear down

Trumpets of joy as her baby begins to crown

Deep rumbles roll with a thunderous applause

An impenetrable wall of tusk and muscle….as one the cows pause

Tender trunks welcoming….their eyes reflecting the warmth of early morning sun

A miracle of new life…..has just begun

Tottering and clumsy….she clambers to her feet

Her small heart pulsing to an African beat

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I dream of these great lands from memories past

A rich diversity of wildlife wandering on plains so vast

Time is of the essence for every breath that we take

The rising sun will bear witness on changes we make

Secure a future for our natural world….as solid as granite outcrops

weathered by wind and rain

Bestow peace on the wildlife…..my heart hammers with pain

Become a beacon….a beam of hope and light

A voice for the voiceless….and a future shining bright

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We strengthen those who protect wildlife and promote harmony between man and nature through a philosophy of RESPECT.

Take a look at our website….we are a huge part of the solution

shutterstock_197286104 ellies to clip art

Image of mum and elephant by Four Oaks and bought on Shutterstock