Dawn explodes like fire on this harsh and timeless land

Flames of sunlight bursts licking the veld with a golden hand

Maintain Bull stands warming his back against the dawn

The essence of nature in the sun bronzed morn

Ears fanning the breeze: magnificent in his stance

Majestic and powerful with the power to enhance

Lord of the land: celebrating the new day

Mountain Bull and his huge heart a vital part of this slendour

in every way


Tracking and stalking: lethal and silent

Spears held high: menacing and violent

Mountain Bull sweeps his trunk across the sky

A terrified look in his rheumy eye

The pungent stench of death hangs in the air

Mountain Bulls heart pounding in fear

Tears trickle slowly reflecting his horror

His nightmare of violence, pain and sorrow

Men reach for their axes with unquenchable greed

Moving in close without conscience or creed

Ivory tusks his personal treasure

Butchered from his face for man’s pleasure

Long 46 years of life, stolen

Mangled grey silence in a heap

The first drops of rain: the angels weep

5 thoughts on “ODE TO MOUNTAIN BULL

  1. Incredible poetry…you are amazing keep going you are reaching people! Xxx

  2. Beautiful poem this butchery must stop now. This bull had survived all these years and ended in this cruel and violent way, just breaks my heart.

  3. Such a beautiful poem.He lives now in memory and words only.
    A crime ,to take what were his.and his alone ,to carve some trinket for some rich mans whim.
    They di not get his Teeth,so his death has been in vain.Even if they took them,his death would still be in vain.
    Dearest Mountain Bull,may you fly on the wings of love for eternity,and may your journry be blissful.xxx

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