Ode to My Mum and all Female elephants

Dedicated to my mum, my sister, daughter, grand daughters and all female elephants


Wrinkled sun kissed hands and gnarled arthritic fingers

Soft corn blue eyes on mine do linger

A golden thread in my tapestry of life

Standing shoulder to shoulder during times of strife

My sister Sue: our lives torn apart

Weaving her journey in our home country: always in my heart

Reels of memories we all do share

Whispers of life we all hold dear

My precious girl, a mother: leader of her two little ones

My moon, my stars and my bright warm suns

Four generations unwrapping life’s mysteries

Four generations sharing love and a history

Elephants: fold upon fold of wisdom: natures perfection

Oozing with intelligence: bestowing their affection

Elephant families, like ours are weaving their magic

Death for them: traumatic and tragic

The golden sunrise is on loan to us all

Electric skies and the life giving rain that falls

The Matriarch, their leader both assertive and wise

No different to my mum with her corn blue eyes

Both sharing ancient memories: both quiet in their minds

Protecting their families through tumultuous times

Sisters and families sharing wisdom and splendour

Lost in translation: a tragic surrender

Elephant families, like ours: a treasure to hold

Miracles of this fragile earth and more precious than gold

As a drop of sun lingers: lazy in its goodbyes

A whisper of a promise: pearl like tears from my eyes

Lessons are valuable: murmurs of light

Stars leading the way and celebrating the night

Burnt orange sunrise spreading warmth on the dawn

The magic of life: a new sultry morn

Measuring our civilized behaviour by the depth of our compassion

Protecting our wildlife: abundance and passion

Embrace the world. stretch for the sun

Darkness will fade: a new dream has begun


7 thoughts on “Ode to My Mum and all Female elephants

  1. Jen simply gorgeous, I picture gran in her quiet strong way. I hate how we are all so split, wrest from all that was meant to be. But the beauty is it hasn’t divided the core of our family. And as I recognise that inherent wisdom you read from an elephants eyes I remember the same from grans.

  2. I have tears rolling once again!!! You are such an incredible poet and writer – the comparison to our own family of 4 generations makes me all the more aware of these heinous crimes against elephants and the effect on their family units … we have got to keep fighting! 🙁 I am so proud xxx

  3. I love reading your poetry. I write poetry too and I know I have done it well when someone is moved to tears or it brings out in them an emotion they cannot contain. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!!

  4. Gulp xxx wow Jen – that magic keeps working through you….thank you x

  5. Oh heck! You’ve set me off again Jen. Such beautiful poetry! Such prose! Such magic!!!

  6. Wow Jen my friend what’s new me drizzling as always. Soo special for Tuff. When are you publishing your book? I’m first in line for a signed copy
    Your old mate Biffy xxx

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