Dawn explodes like flames on this harsh and timeless land

Blackened and pillaged by the human hand

Where the magnificent giants of Africa roam

On the sun bronzed earth that I call home

A myriad of footprints like portraits on the sand

Brushstrokes of violence marring the land

The roar of a machine gun

A backdrop of thunder

Scythes of death..butcher and plunder

Gentle giants massacred we scream in despair

Is anyone out there?

Does anyone care?

Rory Young

Wildlife warriors : guardians of the veldt

Riding the wind: hands close to the cartridge belt

Gallant men on the ground

Stalking stealthily without a sound

Panic and heartbeats: an overpowering hum

Poachers scattering: men on the run

Bullets lashing out: hitting with meaty sounds

Hands clawed: groping on the ground

Warriors of the veldt : drunk with fatigue

Poachers: pathetic, defenseless,cringing on knees

Cowards screaming: begging pleas

A deadly calm lingers: Africa’s pain

Wildlife warrior’s victory

Cleansing rain


4 thoughts on “WILDLIFE WARRIORS

  1. A beautiful poem with a dash of revenge!!!!! I am routing for the wildlife warriors! The pathetic pleading poachers leaves a hint of a smile because though it is violent this kind of karma would be welcome….well done! I love it!

    • Hi Patsy,
      Would be delighted if you would post onto your page. All I ask is for direction to my http://www.jennysjumbojargon.com site. We are all desperate to keep our wildlife safe. I will also have a look at your page. Cheers now

      Jenny Luke

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