Heartbeats pulsating: strangled terrified sighs

Feverish fear clouding: darting eyes

Destruction as dark as the devil at night

Elephants massacred: a soul-destroying sight

Moonbeams hang motionless: air thick with greed

Men butchering elephants without conscience or creed

Listen quietly and hear their cries

Elephants on a spiritual journey: no time for goodbyes

Traumatized survivors and African grey ghosts

Russet trees bow down and branches surmise

Haunting winds whistle under angry silent skies


Caregivers’ supreme of this vanishing race

Assuring survival of orphans in this sun drenched place

Elephant calves: twitching trunks lifted high

Reaching for happiness under a golden sky

Mini-Matriarchs emerging: deep rumbles embrace

Trunks entwining: harmony and grace

Elephants, the source of great wisdom and emotion

Ambassadors of the wild: harmony in motion

Survival of this species is our goal

Our threads in life entwined: reflections of our souls

Fighting against corruption: the fire: big bang

Evolution’s slow magic in tranquility will hang

The limitless azure heaven as wide as it is high

A rainbow like a promise arcs across the sky

Mother Nature’s chimes: peaceful sigh



5 thoughts on “Survivors

  1. This is such a beautiful poem! It is full of sadness and harmony all in one! Well done you are an amazing lady! Xxx

  2. What an amazing talent you have Jen, thank you for sharing it with us………

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