Golden Dream


African sunset…a wonder to behold

Bleeding into the horizon as bush tragedies unfold

Survival of the fittest: nature’s laws of the land

A pride of tawny lions crouching, have the upper hand

The strangled cry from a zebra echoes on the breeze

Buffalo herd poised: hyenas ghost through the trees

The black velvet of midnight hangs heavy and motionless

The moon spills a gentle light: a feathery caress

In the wild aching solitude of the deep African bush

Night wings flutter… breaking the eerie hush

The African sun never dies…it only sleeps

On the skyline fingers of sunshine… beckon and peep

Out of the night they rumble and into the sun

Wrinkled rumps gently rolling: as they amble one by one

Under wide open spaces and a limitless sky

Shadow of a fish eagle cruising….way up high

Young elephant calves caper: bronzed by the kiss of early morning

Wearing their coats of wrinkles…..their large hearts soaring

Proud and dignified Matriarch: rumbles quiet in her mind

A breathtaking glimpse into her world…her kind

Large African shaped ears fan gently..earthy scents tantalise and tease

Nature’s wind chimes romancing the breeze

Elephant herds…a vanishing race

The essence of nature in this timeless place

Elephant tusks are not diamonds to covet and possess

Tusks belong to elephants: on this point I stress

Sun burnt rays…hang motionless and warm

Celebrating life and the miracle of a fresh dawn

African bush resilient like the ancient baobab tree

Man the only problem on the continent….

Set it free

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8 thoughts on “Golden Dream

  1. You are a very talented gifted person and write such poignant expressive poetry, love reading your poems Jen x

  2. You have such a way with words!!! I am so proud of you! This poem is beautiful! xxx

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