Young Minds…New Sunrises

Over the last couple of months I have spent close on eight hours in the company of some special young people with inquiring minds and I am so proud to be able to share their posters and a few of their essays with you all.  During my last visit, I was privileged to be able to speak to each student about their chosen subject for their posters and essays and I was thrilled by their enthusiasm and passion. It did my heart good to listen to these future custodians telling me how they had done their research and it was exciting to see that it was not only the large iconic animals that were appealing to these children…but tragically, the common thread throughout is the interference from the ‘two legged creature’.

All of the children are aged between  9 and 11.

syresham blue whale poster


Blue Whales

The worst thing I’ve ever seen is a beached whale. The whale’s lying there like an exhausted dad after he’s got home from work. Only this whale was motionless, like it was waiting for something. But I knew that it was dead. A harpoon-shaped hole in its body. I made a promise to myself that I would try to stop the horrid thing known as whaling.


If you are wondering how many whales are alive there are 1,500 to 2,500. These creatures are being hunted. The problem is that if these species go extinct there will be too many krill and the ocean will be filled with krill and there will be no space for other sea creatures to live.


Later on they made a company that was called the International Whaling Commission, the IWC. You can join or support the IWC to help these poor creatures.


syresham third attempt rhino poster final


Black Rhinos


Black rhinos used to thrive in Africa. Now they are critically endangered. Every day rivers of blood lash out of the black rhinos. I’m certain that in their ancient minds they would say why? Why would you do this? I have children to look after yet you shoot me, rip out my horns like you don’t care.


We need to help them. Their horns (made of hair) are taken from them. In the USA, the black market sells black rhino horns for $30,000 per pound. They are brutally killed and have their horns hacked off.


We can’t ignore this. The black rhinos are magnificent creatures and soon they will be extinct. If the black rhinos die out the entire food chain will be thrown out of balance. To change their future you could start your own save the rhino committee and join others. Please do it for the black rhinos’ sake. We can’t allow th

White Rhinos


Northern White Rhinos are becoming extinct. Only six remain, all in captivity. Their horns cost more than gold or cocaine! If they were in the wild they’d live in grasslands and savannahs. They were poached for sport and for their horns.


This is a real problem because only six remain in the world. These knights in shining armour used to roam freely and weren’t afraid to fight. In a couple of years the Northern White Rhino will be extinct.


It may be too late to save these magnificent animals but it isn’t too late to save other like the Southern White Rhino. There are less than 14,500 Southern White Rhino left. These live in the southern part of Africa. Poachers shoot these knights in armour then cut their horns off.


There is enough time to save the Southern White Rhino and to stop this terrible sport known as poaching. All it takes is a group of people to care for these animals. We can’t let both die out. So please help; if they could talk they’d tell you themselves. And together we will stop poaching. Thank you for your time and help.


White Rhino


Why? Why is my only question. Why is it that poachers can be so careless and selfish enough to kill the magnificent white rhino? To be honest I think poachers are more of a beast than any other animal.

Trekking along, these harmless creatures roam freely, only to be shot with a silver bullet going straight through its protective armour. Sadly, due to poachers, one or two white rhinos are lost per day.

Poachers use these valuable horns for decoration and trophies but they are mainly ground up and used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Due to poachers cutting off the rhino’s greatest possession, the horn, rangers now are forced to do the same except rangers do it humanely. This helps because if a poacher sees a rhino with no horn they will know that means no treasure and they will move on. I feel people should acknowledge this.

These knights in shining armour have more courage than any other human knight, risking their life with every step they take along the unforgiving grassy African plains. I know that if this over-sized beast could talk it would ask you to support the white rhino charities, but it is just too weak so I am asking you on behalf of them.


Syresham - polar bear posters final draft


Syresham penguine poster final draft


syresham penguinne final


Syresham chameleon posster final draft



Chameleons is an endangered species. They need shelter to blend in with their surroundings but now they can’t do that because of loggers and bush fires in the Amazon. The loggers and bush fires are destroying 150 different habitats and more animals.

The chameleon, slowly moving but tight on the branch. Staying still waiting for a buzzing fly to come past…suddenly…the chameleon’s tongue whipping out to get the fly, they never miss a shot. They blend in with their surroundings keeping an eye on what’s going on left and right. It’s amazing how they change colour to their surroundings, from the tops of the trees to the roots of a bush.

You could spread the word or you can start a campaign to stop loggers from cutting down trees. So please try and stop loggers for chameleons.


syresham - snow leapard posters SECOND DRAFT

Snow Leopards


Lifeless, the furry head thumped on the ground, eyes once green like pure emeralds now a deep, hollow black. India, the most densely populated area of land for snow leopards. White snowflakes hang in the air like stars you might see hanging from a child’s ceiling. In a few hours a man will come along strip the animal of its skin just so it can lay on the floor of someone’

s living room and somebody can say “Ooh, that’s nice.” Lives like this of the innocent snow leopard are lost every single day.

People are pretty much the main reason for snow leopards dying out. If we want to expand we just do it, no thought about what effect this will have on the eco-system, the mountain habitat washed away, and with the habitat goes lives, snow leopards. Beautiful, sleek powerful legs so elegant. They waltz around the mountain, spot a human and bang! An innocent life lost.

If snow leopards become extinct it will have a massive effect on the eco-system. Many different things will happen, herbivores will destroy all plant life, meaning their extinction and bees will not be able to make honey or pollinate flowers. So as you can see the impact will be huge on the eco-system. So help stop this!

Some ways to stop snow leopards dying out is to adopt them through WWF or other companies dedicated to saving animals. This will have the animals placed in care and people will help them. They will also train people and help to arrest these ruthless poachers, those without souls.

There is hope; although those emerald green eyes will not shine again, many others can.


Snow Leopards


Snow leopards are the most magnificent creatures; your eyes are immediately hypnotised by their beauty. But do you know about the war between the snow leopards and the poachers? If not, may I say the snow leopards are losing?

Unfortunately to say these amazing extraordinary creatures are being poached: only 3,500 to 7,000 are left in the world – if you don’t do something about it then they’ll become extinct.

Why should these poor innocent creatures deserve to suffer? They don’t. I saw one once at a zoo and I was blown away by how precious these creatures are 0 their round, dopey eyes look sad yet at the same time their smiling, curious creatures make me interested by their mind blowing darkened gown topped with the crown jewels of snow. I love these creatures and it would break my heart into a million pieces if my grandchildren couldn’t see them. When I saw one in the zoo my eyes were fixed on their green, emerald eyes, looking at me with disappointment then it turned around leaving me ashamed.

The large adult male stands tall like a soldier ready to defend its family 0 snow leopards are just like us, they defend their family no matter what. Due to this my dream would be to see a snow leopard in the wild in their winter wonderland habitat where the mother of the lot watches the favourite prey, wild goat! She would let out a loud shriek, then two smaller snow leopards would come sneaking up camouflaged in the snow playing with each other – their think fluffy fur like silk would be hidden under the snow. Their big puppy dog eyes would stare at one another then once more carry on playing.

They are so sweet and amazing these creatures but they are dying. There is a way to stop this war and see the snow leopards rise up as the rightful king of the snow! If you share the same passion for snow leopards then get involved, learn and see what you can do. Put a smile on their face for a change. It would make the world of difference.


syresham - cheetah poster final draft


syresham - hedgehog poster final draft


syresham - farm retreat for animals poster final draft




syresham ...poster for all kids



 chengeta wildlife iage for calender