Elephant Song

Dedicated to all the wonderful people doing what they can to ensure that these animals survive. Chengeta Wildlife rocks….

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Elephant Song

Africa’s half moon hangs motionless as does Venus and Mars

Midnight’s mantel lit by a myriad of stars

Strong and still…silent witnesses of the night

Hoarse cough of a leopard…night jars take flight

Reflections on the Zambezi…as if lit from within

A rustling of nightlife…nature’s violin

Rumbles from the elephants…peaceful as they slumber

Sentries alert to evils…who maim and plunder

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Fresh glow of morning..enhanced by a golden hue

Organza spider webs bejeweled with delicate drops of dew

Out of the shadows they amble….ears fanning the breeze

Wrinkles hang loosely….bunching… at the back knees

Large fissured trunks….powerful yet tender

Smoky visions…full of beauty and splendour

The pulsating of their heart beats quivers through the trees

Musky scent of elephants carries on the breeze

The earth trembles where giants and continent meet

The drum roll of Africa throbbing through their feet

Dusty promises as the herd moves as one

Flaunting their magnificence under the scorching sun

Proud and dignified…assertive and wise

These noble beasts…the essence under the cerulean sky

Small calves lollop…caressed by a mellow light

Unaware of their danger…their treasures…their plight

Ancient beings…compassionate, intelligent and tender

Creamy ivories..their downfall as greed they do engender

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Wake up world…we all have a stake

Their destiny in our hands…to preserve or to break

On this wild continent….for peace we must pray

Our duty as custodians to ensure a brand new day

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8 thoughts on “Elephant Song

  1. BEAUTIFUL words!!!!!! I can smell the earth and feel the warm air on my skin along with all the goosebumps! I love it!

  2. Beautiful words, so Africa. Every bit just as it should be and sound. Goose bumps and wishing I was there.

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