African Prayer

A sun kissed horizon welcomes the new years dawn

Gilt edged clouds languish….seduced by the warmth of early morn

Sunshine like powdered gold filters through the trees

Tantalising scents drift….buffeted by the breeze

Early morning choruses …..throats swollen with bird song

Thrown to the wind….powerful and strong


Africa’s tawny pelt ripples….rustling under the wide open sky

Majestic mountains stretch….reaching up high

Midges rise and hang motionless…mellow in the sun

The birth of a new year has only just begun

river sunset

My wish for 2017


Swirling whirlwinds and balmy heat

Elephant herds parading…the continent throbbing beneath their feet

Their deep rumbles rolling with resounding applause

Chattering monkeys fall silent…comical as they pause

A crash of rhino….noble heads held high with pride

Tall and stately giraffe with their lolloping stride

Pronking springbok and grotesque baobab trees

Fast fresh flowing rivers undulating with ease

Grunting hippos and barking baboon

Trees swaying gently…dancing to a merry tune

Strutting warthogs…tails like aerials held high

Haunting call of a fish eagle cruising the sky

On wings of spun gold…butterflies soar on the breeze

Basking lizards peer skywards…fearful as they freeze

Slender cheetah….speed on their side

Bad tempered buffalo…lethal horns held out wide

With tail swishing and a deep throated roar

The king of beasts swaggers….menacing and tall


To all the wildlife rangers….their dedication and valour defined

Their journeys in adulthood gallant…selflessness in mind

Brave in their ongoing battle…protecting the wildlife from mankind

Deepest respect to each and every one of you….and harmony may you find


Compassion unfurling…..the white dove of peace spreading her wings

May 2017 see darkness fading….as harmony sings

Chengeta thumbnail

Rangers risk their lives to protect wildlife….we give them the skills and knowledge needed

to win.

2 thoughts on “African Prayer

  1. Jen your wish for the darkness to fade in 2017 is beautifully expressed in this emotional poem………

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