The Restless Traveller

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Undulating with powerful rhythm…pulsating with Nature’s song

Coursing through the valley…fit, supple and strong

Fractured water reflecting a troubled carmine sky

Wash of deep crimson shadows….human footprints skulking by



Following close behind….

He moves with restless strides … wearing a furrowed frown and shading bloodshot eyes

Fighting his way…

Through swirling dust and squadrons of flies

Pausing only to listen…journeying on his quest

Fighting the scourge of corruption…giving of his best

Cloaked in courage, he crouches down….

Reading the signs

Weaving a tale from footprints…marring the sun burnt ground


The restless traveller settles…his back safe against a knobbly tree

Loaded weapon resting….heavy on his knee

Bathed in the last of the warm coppery light

Breathing gently….waiting for the ghosts of the night

The air quivers under the reflection of an eerie silvery moon

Deep rumbles of grief from the elephants….taken too soon

Misty shadows of giants linger…caressing his troubled soul

Fueling the fire of passion…protection…his life role


Wrapped in the coat of darkness…keen and  watchful eyes

Rustling in the undergrowth…wind echoing the cries


Each new day brings riches…a sky as high as it is wide

Branches bow to whisper…Mother Nature’s on his side

Eagles cleave the air…wing feathers glinting in the morning sun

Fish glide in the shallows…

The travellers heart…a throbbing drum

Tangled jesse bush…stitched with gauzy webs

Mopani smoke wafting…he tracks with silent treads

Racing the restless hands of time… warmth pushing him from the east

War on the scourge of corruption…sadly ‘Africa’s beast’


The restless traveller continues…his intentions crystal clear

Protection of Africa’s Wildlife

Our heritage

We all hold dear

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5 thoughts on “The Restless Traveller

  1. That is a really beautiful poem – heros of the bush x….and you are our hero modern day Bard x

  2. Absolutely incredible poem….I loved it!! So proud if you and grateful to all the men and women on the ground!

  3. Jen awesome! If it wasn’t for people like you and all involved to protect our game against corruption I shudder to think! Keep up the good work x

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