Two tonnes of magnificence…..with her cruelly disfigured head

Yet…Hope was

Harmony in motion with each mighty tread

Her fight for life tireless…..her warrior spirit strong

Her wild rhino heart beating to a rhythmic African song

hope with bandagae

Out of the deep shadows and into the moonlight

Hope lies down gently….no longer able to fight

Her heart beat slowing….no longer a powerful thrum

Leaves flutter sadly….her journey on this earth done

On a gilt edged cloud she drifts….catching the sultry breeze

The silence of eternity her companion…..her soul floating away with ease

Leaning into the warm wind…..now a bright heavenly star

A beacon of hope for her kind…..shining down from afar

hope with bandagae

The gentle hush of evening carries our heartache and pain

Never let go of ‘hope’….the wind whispers her name

Fireflies will ghost….. like murmurs of the night

Fueling our courage to stand up for rhinos…and to fight the good fight

hope with bandagae

RIP Hope

‘May her great courage bring hope into our hearts….

Now and forever’

Desert Pilgrims

Chengeta Wildlife sharing the knowledge, skills and abilities to enable anti-poaching

units to maintain and perfect competencies after the trainers have departed.

Helping to ensure that Mali’s desert elephants survive.

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

Fold upon fold of wisdom……undulating gently from side to side

As graceful as dancers…….majestic in their stride

Full of unwavering honesty they saunter….strong and proud

Throwing up flaxen dust……a glorious gossamer cloud

Frisky calves caper….secure in the herds love

 Surrounded by warmth and bright sunshine spilling from above

Deep rumbles roll with a thunderous applause

Echos of harmony….as one they pause

Embracing the breeze gently….large ears fanned out wide

Soft sensitive trunks like pendulums… swinging from side to side

Large noble heads…curve of spine strong

Large hearts beating to an African song

These gigantic pilgrims trek like desert ships in the night

Hot fresh piles of dung steaming in the moonlight

Rich creamy scythe like tusks more valuable than gold

The elephants cross to bear from times of old

The drum roll of Africa rippling through the desert sands

The wild aching solitude in this unforgiving land

Dusty shadows slipping under large padded feet

Organized crime and shimmering heat

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

Survival of this desert herd…..Chengeta Wildlife’s ultimate goal

Saving Mali’s elephants…..as poaching takes its toll

chengeta wildlife iage for calender