The Fiery Promise Of Dawn


An explosion of fire….a breathtaking parade

Sun burnt hues deepen as daylight fades

Whining mosquitoes…moths seducing the silky twilight

An orchestra of crickets…

Fireflies flicker like sprites of the night

African half moon lies idle…seductive and dark

Trail of a shooting star….a heavenly arc

The heavy cloak of midnight ripples….sticky and warm

Whispers of night life…a rustle in the leaves

The earthy breath of Africa blows through the trees


Warmth spreading like sunshine…a golden dawn

A fiery promise… to a fresh African morn

Golden wings of butterflies caressed by the breeze

Rich steamy scents linger to tantalise and tease

One by one they lumber…rumps rolling with pride

Pendulum trunks swinging from side to side

Large ears fanning…wearing wrinkled coats of grey

Footprints of these giants weaving… a tale for the day

Midges rise and hang motionless in the early morning steam

Cloud reflected sky in the gushing African streams

A rhino struts by….proud of his opulent horns

A figure of magnificence ….with his muscular form

Carrying a rhythm of life with each careful tread

His balance in life hanging….by a treacherous thread


A large slice of my heart…I cannot trace

Left behind and buried in this magical place

I will continue to fight for the wildlife…for their freedom to roam

On this sun kissed Continent …their rightful home


I am proud to be a part of Chengeta Wildlife….take a look at our website….and our face book page

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4 thoughts on “The Fiery Promise Of Dawn

  1. Thank you for this magnificent, powerful poem–the imagery was wonderful!

  2. This Poem took me to the heart of Africa and didn’t even have to travel there! Jen beautiful x

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