‘Hope’…A Rhino With The Will To Live

This poem is dedicated to the fighting spirit of ‘Hope’. May this beautiful rhino continue to


rhino silhouette scaled down


The powerful throb of Africa…..a drum roll beneath your feet

Gilt edged horizons blistering….an explosive sunset treat

Sanguine moon rising….stretching to reach the stars

A natural rhythm of life burning….and left with man made scars

footprints resized


I ask as tears escape…rolling down my cheeks

Understanding slips through the dark shadows….no matter how hard I seek

footprints resized

As water reflects a crimson sky

A sky as vast and wide as it is high

Gauzy spiderweb’s bejeweled with rubies sparkling in the morning sun

Insects rise and hang motionless…a new African day has begun

rhino silhouette

A gust of ¬†whispering wind…not strong enough to protect

A foul miasmic presence…the hush of human destruction and neglect

Lying in the bloodied shadow….her heart pounding with pain and fear

A mutilated rhino…

The horn from her face, they did tear

Soundless and soulless…bloody footprints in their wake

Rapers of our natural world…plundering… what is not theirs to take

So brutal is this act of violence…I hang my head in sorrow and shame

Corruption, greed and demand for rhino horn….ultimately to blame

rhino silhouette scaled down

Saving The Survivors...beacons of peace and light

An aura of healing surrounds them…putting wrongs to right

I am praying for this special girl…the road ahead is long

Keep her spirit fighting…her will to live is strong

May she be blessed with healing…HOPE like a halo above her head


The guardians of Hope…on the rocky and treacherous journey ahead

Hope…a week on

hope with bandagae


Say No To Rhino Horn as this is the results of your demand

Hope…left to die…

an excruciating death

mutilated hope

‘Join the Fight so kids will never have to ask

Why are elephants only in zoos?

What happened to all the rhino?’


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Why are elephants only in zoos?
What happened to all the rhino?


Why are elephants only in zoos?
What happened to all the

4 thoughts on “‘Hope’…A Rhino With The Will To Live

  1. Whoever did this should be locked up and the keys thrown away. May be remove his nose and leave him be.

  2. Another beautiful, moving poem, Jenny. Such a sad situation but I hope, Hope survives. Such an ugly world we are living in right now. Keep up the good work.

  3. Jen what a beautiful poem dedicated to HOPE who has been so brave after her shocking ordeal through man’s greed.We continue to pray that she gets stronger everyday and for all those that are there helping her through this.

  4. Being born in and living in Zimbabwe for the best part of my life I thought I had seen some awful sights but this is truly horrendous and sickening – but also coming from Africa I know that whoever did this actually is incapable of empathy or sympathy and do not understand the true value of life of any kind.

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