Elephant eye


Tears of an elephant reflecting their grief and despair

Glistening with iridescent clarity

The world we need to repair



The essence of this wild and beautiful land

Intertwined with nature

The two go hand in hand

Always giving back

Highly fertile manure

Modifying tracts of land

Feeding the soil


Tears of an elephant like reflections on the sand

Mourning the death of loved ones

In this harsh and timeless land

Sadness surrounds them

A tragic misty veil

Their creamy ivory tusks for some

Have become the Holy Grail


Tears of an elephant reflect the golden sky

Gilt-edged clouds blown restlessly

As they scud on by

Powerful and yet gentle

These giants belong on the land

Roaming free, tusk intact

Leaving footprints on the sand


Treat these animals with respect and fairness

People, please share the awareness

Ivory, their personal treasure

It has no use to man

Let us stop betraying these giants

Respect the IVORY BAN


Tears of the elephants reflecting a world we all love

Striving as one together

To keep the continent whole

Africa without the elephants

Is an Africa without soul


4 thoughts on “TEARS OF AN ELEPHANT

  1. I just want to say what a beautiful verse. So apt, so true. Brings tears to my eyes.

  2. Such beautiful words … they build images in my mind of huge wandering beasts free from the brutality that humans inflict for the greed of money!!! You are doing such an amazing job! Keep it up!

  3. Jen, your pages are fantastic and it is wonderful to read your thoughts on a such a difficult topic. I believe together people power will make a difference. It’s a case of us all doing our bit. I have shared this beautiful poem on the Rememoir page on Facebook, which is promoting a new website with one of its aims to donate one million pounds to animal conservation if we get a million users. Again like you it is my way of doing my bit. Please have a look at the page and share if you like. The main existence of Rememoir is for people to record their memories so they can be passed onto future generations of their family. At the same time they are helping to protect endangered species for future generations to enjoy. I believe it is a great message. I hope you don’t mind me sharing this, I have advertised your site with the poem. Best wishes Jerry.

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