Let Us Do Right By These Animals….

A request for an impromptu talk on the Zimbabwean bush, elephants and Chengeta Wildlife

caught me on the hop. However, after taking a deep breath I started to talk

and the passion I feel for the bush, the elephants and Chengeta begin to shine through.

Let Us Do Right By These Animals

What is it you love? their eager eyes hold mine

I flash a smile…my face softens and I begin to shine

My heart dances to an African Beat

My spirit soars as their eyes I meet

My mind reels away to another time and another place

My pulse quickens and begins to race

Moonbeams spill gently caressing the night

Twinkling stars ghost like whispers of light

Dry leaves crackle…seduced by the a frolicking breeze

Morning twilight peeks softly…as darkness flees

A cacophony of bird calls fills the African dawn

A horizon stitched in gold…glows on the glorious crisp morn

Spiderwebs like fine gossamer sculptures sparkle with dew

Cruising the empty air pockets….a fish eagle with a birds eye view

Nature’s gifts…shared with us for free

Fast flowing rivers….rich diversity of wildlife and gigantic trees

The musky smell of wet earth after thunderstorms and needle like rain

Miracle of new life unfurling….revealing a world of timeless wonders…

A world we should not tame


‘Go on…tell us about the elephants’….they smile

Collecting my thoughts…I pause for a while

Large wrinkled rumps weathered by wind and rain

Pilgrims of Africa….ambling over sun kissed terrain

Ponderous..yet graceful under the wide open sky

Stopping as one…their versatile trunks reaching up high

Long sweeping lashes as dark as a moonless night

Veiling wise eyes flecked with golden sunlight

The earth trembles with each massive tread

Dusty promises …. and by their iconic matriarch led

Africa shaped ears romancing the breeze

These mega gardeners of the veld…uprooting trees

Graced with an ageless beauty…light on their large padded feet

To watch them in the wild..such a life changing treat

I feel my heart hammering…my eyes fill with tears

My stomach turns over and I am overcome with fears

An aura of dignity hugging their sides

Mystery tusks held out wide

Behind their wrinkled visage…a wise and ancient soul

The burden of carrying their ivory…taking its toll

Invisible winds blowing a dry warm breath

Poachers ensuring that elephants dance a dance of death

People….please …. you have to listen and become aware of the elephants plight

Let us do right by these animals…

Support Chengeta

Support the good fight

Rangers risk their lives to protect the wildlife

We give them the skills and knowledge needed to win