elephant herd march

Pachyderms, one of natures finest creations

A showcase of magic: a cause for celebration

With balance and beauty they weave their magic

Their thread in life fragile and tragic

Fold upon fold of wisdom and splendour

Majestic, powerful, compassionate and tender

They amble along to the dance of life

Shoulder to shoulder in dark times of strife


The matriarch their leader, assertive and wise

Casting a deep shadow under the cerulean sky

When a dry wind blows and the veldt is bare

The blazing sun: a hostile glare

Ancient memories, quiet in her mind

Her spirit grows restless, they leave footprints behind

Through punishing heat and sun scorched days

At night, stars like beacons light their way

On they trek to pastures greener

Cooling breezes: air smells cleaner

The sweet breath of mist casting a glow

The earth is her mother: waters flow

Unblemished optimism in this sun baked land

Dignified matriarch: powerful and grand

The limitless sky as wide as it is high

Feeling the quiet, whispers of a sigh


3 thoughts on “MAGICAL ELEPHANTS

  1. What an incredibly beautiful poem!!! I loved it! They really are amazing creatures…:)

  2. Incredibly beautiful poetry !–so proud of you Jen–always have my tissues close at hand when I read your lovely work. You do bring them so close–and they have so many memories for me.

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