Unwavering support for the animals battling thirst and hunger in the current drought in Southern


Elephant Graveyard

Deep throated roar of a lion….his anger fills the night

Africa’s half moon sharing a sliver of ethereal light

Stars hanging like twinkling sentinels…..keepers of the sky

The high pitched cackle of the hyenas….a chilling war cry

Midnight’s mantle cloaked in a suffocating hot breath

The vast emptyness of the drought…a reaper of death

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Dawn explodes like flames of this harsh and timeless land

A myriad of footprints marking the sun burnt sand

Drowsiness lingers….thick dust hangs…..heavy in the air

Blinding sun beating down….an agonizing glare

Hardened dry earth…..parched muddy streams

Shimmering mirages and silent screams

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Full of weighty concerns…they amble into the deep morning heat

Coats of wrinkles hanging….an air of hungry defeat

Fear deep inside her great pulsating heart

The dry barren wasteland soon to tear her family apart

Ancient memories stir deep within her mind

Her spirit growing restless….for water to find

Lifting her powerful trunk….in silent prayer

Fatigued…out of breath….life threatening despair

A painful barefoot shuffle over the tormented African land

Cracked dry earth and blazing hot sand


Parched and brittle leaves stolen …tossed way up high

Chasing imaginary clouds across the limitless blue sky

Animals…. listless…their heads hanging low

Stumbling through the scorching breath of drought….painful and slow

Prowling scavengers….a menacing gleam in the eye

Africa’s undertakers circling way up high

Afternoon shadows deepen…..sticky and stark

Silence shredding cicadas….a zebra’s warning bark


Beyond the edge of the sunset’s golden hue

Plumb coloured clouds hustle….long overdue

A flash of lightening burning across the darkening sky

A deep growl of thunder…..an angry and passionate cry

Trees bow down as whipping winds rage

Sweet smell of life giving rain ….On Nature’s grand stage

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We train those who are wildlife’s first line of defense against poachers and poaching syndicates.

We have an acceptance of death when Mother Nature deals out the pain.


An unacceptable act of  violence, corruption and greed

For  ill gotten gains

Moonbeams Spill Gently…..

let us do right by these animals with watermark

Draped in coats of grey wrinkles….silent ambling treads

Creamy scythe like tusks… bejewelling proud and noble heads

Ancient souls….warmth surrounding their hearts

Matriarch and daughters bound together….until death do they part

Mystical ivory steeped in greed and fears

A fusion of genes…passed down over thousands of years

Powerful free swinging trunks….large ears fanning the breeze

Magical auras surround them and music in the trees

Fighting for the species is long overdue

Tuskers as majestic as mountains….we are left with but a few

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Guardians of the bush…hearts beating to a powerful thrum

A growl of thunder in them stirs and there is a battle to be won

Sharing their knowledge with rangers….and educating the East

War on the scourge of poaching and destruction….

Sadly Africa’s beast

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

We train those who are wildlife’s first line of defense against poachers and poaching syndicates.

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

I pray for an Africa where….

Moonbeams spill gently….a soothing silvery light

Peace spreading gentle wings….blessings in the night

A whispering wind and the prayer it sings

Soft echoes in the dark and the hope it brings

Midnight’s mantle hung with a myriad of stars

The endless heavens shining down…on the wildlife… from afar

A fiery sunrise bathing the morning in aureate light

Warm lingering scents melting away…the cool of the night

An eagle celebrates…cleaving the air way up high

Overflowing shadows of content under the electric blue sky

chengeta wildlife iage for calender

Many battles for freedom…still to be fought

Saving Africa’s wildlife from this tragic onslaught