Whispers From The Elephants

Brushstrokes of burnt orange seeping into fading light

Mosquitoes humming breathlessly, moths seducing silky twilight

An orchestra of crickets serenading: Fireflies ghost like whispers of light

Sparkling stars celebrating. Night birds taking flight

Africa’s night: seductive, warm and dark

Earthy scents tantalise: African bush leaving it’s mark

Sanguine moonlight ripples. Haunting chimes on the breeze

Elephant’s deep rumbles conveying their unease


Shadows drift and darkness fades

Dawn emerges veined with gold braid

Sunshine like powdered gold filters through the canopy of trees

Africa’s early morning songsters chorus with ease

Night passes into day: the hands of time continue to flow

Evolution’s slow magic on our magnificent earth did bestow

Elephants, fold upon fold of wisdom and splendour

Majestic, powerful, compassionate and tender

Time is of the essence: consumers of ivory take heed

Whispers from the elephant world in their darkest hour of need

Do not destroy the magical presence of elephants in our African land

Stop this destruction and violence from the human hand

Fall under the spell of these charismatic giants: protect them from the two legged race

A tranquil peace will settle: humans abundant with compassion and grace



12 thoughts on “Whispers From The Elephants

  1. Another great poem Jen, your words pour from you like an artesian well ……non stop, pure and fresh

  2. Absolutely beautiful poem – your descriptions are soo refreshing!! I loved it!

  3. Your words are like liquid gold – flows so effortlessly off the tounge. Such a gorgeous poem in that I feel the colours and textures and sadly with it the sadness too xxx You are an amazing poet and thank you for all you do for our elephants xxx

  4. Jen I am sure you can get a book published! Such beautiful words

    • Lisa:I hope you will experience the African bush – the silence of elephants approaching you in all their magnificence! Their gentle dignity and might you will fall in love with them again and be enchanted by them – for ever!

  5. Such poignant and beautiful poetry, Jen. A very talented lady of whom I have great admiration.

  6. Having just returned from there I felt the magic once more and your words just reinforce the true beauty of Africa. Well done Jenny

  7. So beautiful and glad you will be able to share. You will be absolutely fine standing there saying it with pride and passion ! Well done you ????????????????

  8. Wonderful…..I enjoyed every line of your poem , I closed my eyes and visualised what you had written…it was all perfect – thank you

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