‘Africa’….A Young Elephant Taken Too Soon

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I know that I am sitting too far away from home and by distance alone I am removed from the ugly realities of poaching taking place on the ground.  However my heart breaks each and every time I hear of another poaching  incident and  this is my way of trying to raise awareness of the plight of African Elephants to make up for my absence on the ground.

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Soul of ‘Africa’…an elephant taken too soon

His mother’s life cruelly stolen…….wheeling vultures circling way up high

A foul and oppressive presence….under the lonely electric sky

A wretched place of solitude….his small elephant heart pounding….stretching tight

Terror his only companion…feeding off his horrific plight

Brooding trees….silent witnesses….heavy in their despair

Russet dust hangs motionless….breathless panic fills the air

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Gentle hands reassuring….holding his broken elephant heart

An aura of calm and peace… desperate to replace the fear tearing him apart

The quiet of the evening sunset slips gently into a sultry night

A myriad of twinkling stars…beacons of hope shining bright

Small wrinkled trunk unfurling….courage in his stance

With each precious footprint…fighting for his second chance

Moyo and Matabele….elephant hearts opened wide

Embracing little ‘Africa’…compassion on their side

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A gentle and fading heartbeat…surrounded by warmth and love

Touched by the hush of death and taken from above

The golden thread of life fragile…’Africa’ now flying on the back of the wind

Another victim of the evils of poaching….a deadly sin

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Roxy and all her team at Wild Is Life 

My loving thoughts are with you all… my heart pounds with Zimbabwean pride

As you bestow a second chance of life… to these precious animals by your side

You are

A gentle whispering wind and the peace of harmony it sings

One of the earth’s finest custodians for the life and hope you bring.

Thank you.