Tribute to ‘The Elephant Whisperer’


A powerful legend: a soulful gentle man

An unquenchable fire burns: a life changing plan

Lost souls of the traumatized elephant herd

Healing begins with his soft spoken word

A mighty stillness settles: peace with the dawn

Elephant rumbles: low frequency presence in the early morn

Sunshine slips softly through the canopy of trees

Man and Matriarch caressed by a gentle breeze

This magnificent creature: powerful in her stance

The essence of nature: the magic to enhance

Vibrant scents: rich earth and sun

Facing east, their shadows become one

Nana opens her heart: quiet in her mind

A breathtaking glimpse of her world: her kind

Africa’s giants: powerful and gentle

Conscious of their surroundings: sentient and sentimental

Dark shadows of greed hounded them

Destructive and tragic

With balance and beauty, she still weaves her magic

As silence spreads her wings over this compassionate man

His heart so huge: his love overflows

Their trust in each other continues to grow

Hazy sunshine smiles from way up high

Embracing man and elephants under the cerulean sky

Elephants at peace: in silence they tread

Weaving their magic: a golden thread

As one they embrace life: moving towards the sun

A soul dance: summer scents: a dream has begun


On March 2nd 2012, sad shadows creep: a cold wind blows

Two herds of elephants on the march

Melancholy quivers through the trees: a loving soul harvests the breeze

The clear blue sky as wide as it is high

Feels the sorrow: the whispers: the sighs

Tears of an elephant reflecting their grief and despair

Glistening with iridescent clarity

The love of this human they need to share

In the warmth of the day in this harsh and timeless land

The elephants pay their respects to ‘The Elephant Whisperer’

An extraordinary man


4 thoughts on “Tribute to ‘The Elephant Whisperer’

  1. Oh my gosh this is the most beautiful, emotive poem…what an amazing tribute to this extraordinary man who had such a gift and way with these incredible creatures. Well done a beautiful tribute!

  2. Such a wonderful tribute–Jen–to this truly great and wonderful man. How tragic that he should have been taken so young. To all your readers–please read his books–they are fantastic and so easy to read.

  3. Just read this and this is so beautiful and a wonderful tribute to a very special man, who is still remembered by “his” elephants.

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