Incredible Elephants


Under cerulean skies and bronze sunshine

In this harsh and timeless land

Rumbles from the elephants


Through the air and along the ground

Communicating with other herds

Across many miles of the wilderness

Elephants communicating with sub sonic finesse


Receiving messages through sensitive pads on their feet

The intelligence of these animals

Has us all beat

Long sensitive trunks

Used with countless versatility

From receiving sub sonic messages

To picking up food with agility


Bonding closely with members of the herd

Their love knows no bounds

And a lifetime of nurturing

Never ceases to astound

These amazing gentle giants

Are part of our sun bronzed African land

Moving silently like dancers

Enormous and ever so grand


The heart of an elephant

Pounds with love and affection

Family units capturing a picture of perfection

Elephants are renowned for their intelligence and sociability

Vulnerable to trauma

Poaching and finality

Mourning for members of the herd

Their agitation is apparent

Tears rolling down their cheeks and

Grieving like any parent

Gentle giants pausing


Elephant bones with intense contemplation

Aware of their helplessness

With human exploitation



  1. Oh my gosh!!! This is incredible! I love it – they are incredible and should be respected on this earth!! What a beautiful poem!

  2. Thank you for that article Jenny,how little we know about these animals–despite the fact that our lives run almost parallel in so many aspects–the older I get the sadder I feel about this awful decimation that seems to go on and on–wish people would stop for a moment and consider what they are doing. However,sad though it is, greed becomes an insatiable appetite,and the only cure for that is much more powerful sentences for poachers and the traffickers who are the ones who make the money.
    Your poem is beautiful.

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